Saturday, 20 December 2008

Keep on keeping on

Had a winning few days taking the profits for this month to +£450.01

Probably the last time i will play before christmas as im going away for Christmas tommorow and probably wont have access to a computer,

All the best have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year if i dont get to make a post between now and the Jan 1st


Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Recent Results and Year End

Had a couple of disaster days followed by a few ok days to leave the total standing at +£370.21

With only a few days left before i go to the inlaws for christmas if i can break the +£400 mark that will be just fine by me!

Will do a proper look back on what if anything i have achieved this year playing poker nearer then end of year but what i can see from the records ive kept is that im up almost £1700 from the 3 months i kept records which for someone who plays my stakes aint too shabby.



New Job alert, starting 26th of Jan. Back of the net!

Sunday, 14 December 2008

No Poker til after Xmas

Not worth it after tonights sick sick beats, 3 x 1 outers runner runner flushes and to finish it off had A10JQ double suited

Flop 10 10 2 i checked chumpo bet i raised he slammed i call hes got A10K9 turn Q river K wp gg should still be up around £200 for month but not a great deal more id imagine.

Sunday, 7 December 2008

Seasons Greetings Kiddo`s

Evening All,

To say its been a while is a slight understatement eh?

Where to begin, well as most of you know (if anyone still reads due to the lack of updates), I moved back over the right side of the pennines and back home, we went looking for a new sofa for our new place and ended up with a job aswell, not a bad days work there. All was going well until the past week when on the news it said MFI had gone busto, but when i asked at work that meant good news for us as it meant more stock coming our way... Or so we thought!. All last week the bosses are like we might have to lay you both off, We tjhought he was joking and messing bout that was until we got the news that as we hadnt fully paid for all the stock and by law MFI could request it back and request that we dont sell anymore of it, and thats just what they did, Fking great news, but the bosses did say it could and should be a couple of weeks til they actually came back for the stuff and that they were saying balls to them and selling the stuff anyway, so we thought our jobs were safe til christmas atleast, No such luck we got called into the office on Weds and were given our cards, Fucking great news 3 weeks before christmas, luckily the rent is paid 6 months in advance and all the christmas presents have been purchased in advance so im offically out of work, which in the current climate is a major pain in the arse!

Got a few interviews next week one for T Mobile and some other temping jobs in and around the area so hopefully i get somthing going before or start after christmas i aint gonna hold my breath put it that way!

On the poker front i was £380 up for the month before i lost my job and to be honest i cant see it rising much over that as i just dont have the funds to play and if i do play the stakes are far smaller which i suppose after last month after ending the month in the minus for the first time ina long time this should teach me some respect for cash and get back on the grind see what i can turn.

Anyways back to the job hunting catch you all later, all the best at the tables and whatever else you get upto


Thursday, 23 October 2008

Nice Winning Evening

Had a good night tonight started off sitting at a aggro table of omaha 25c 50c with $30 quickly ran that upto $240 before logging off here are a few hands from tonight the first is standard pretty donkish to be fair but i just had a feeling he had air and hadnt connected as strong as his bets suggested

This one is very fortunate but i didnt feel that the other guy would call aswell, figured my flush draw was good as were my straightening cards just gotta love that river, (sorry to Deano btw, found out he is from my town).

Then the table broke and just left the three of us, it was very strange game after that they guy keeps raising the pot every single hand, just the way i like it get it in and mix it up wait til you hit the nuts and slam here is one example

Heres one just to show i dont always get it my way,

Same guy again raised every pot and i took this nice pot off him,

So with the money id won playing poker decided to stick a few bets on the footy,

Hamburg to Win @ 1.72
A C Milan to Win @ 1.66
Sevilla to win @ 1.60 in a £20 treble netting my £92

Sevilla to win @ 1.60
Aston Villa to win @ 1.61 in a £20 double netting me £51

A C Milan to Win @ 1.66
Sevilla to win @ 1.60
Aston Villa to win @ 1.61 in a £20 treble netting me £86.15

So finished up £288 on the night which i cant complain about

Profit for the month now stands at £1,463.73

Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhip it!

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Two posts in 24 hours OMG Nuts Anyone?

Gotta love this hand.......

I was pwning the guy HU after the table broke then this happend,

dealt to Gazovcas [9c 6s 6d 3d]

Gazovcas: calls £1

Ratboy002: raises to £6

Gazovcas: calls £4

----- FLOP ----- [Ad 8c 7s]

Ratboy002: bets £12 Gazovcas: calls £12

----- TURN ----- [Ad 8c 7s][3s]

Ratboy002: bets £36 Gazovcas: calls £36

----- RIVER ----- [Ad 8c 7s 3s][5h]

Ratboy002: bets £108 Gazovcas: raises to £296Ratboy002: calls £188

----- SHOW DOWN -----Gazovcas: shows [9c 6s 6d 3d] (A Straight, Nine high)Ratboy002: mucks hand [9h 7c 8s 8d]Gazovcas collected £699 from Main pot

----- SUMMARY -----Total pot £700 Main pot £699 Rake £1Board [Ad 8c 7s 3s 5h]Seat 3: Gazovcas (small blind) showed [9c 6s 6d 3d] and won (£699) with A Straight, Nine highSeat 4: Ratboy002 (big blind) mucked [9h 7c 8s 8d]

Finally an Update

Evening all

Sorry its taken so long to make a post, its just things have been so hectic lately with the move and other life and poker stuff that i just havent had the time to sit down and stick owt on here but now i have found some time before the footy kicks off to let everyone know whats been happening.

Firstly finally moved from Chester back home to the right side of the penines i csnt believe how much more expensive it is in Chester to here, Mental it really is like twice as expensive, it was a shame to give up the penthouse apartment but it just wasnt big enough for us and we now have an extra bedroom so its all good, So now finally sorted bought everything we need to buy and slowly but surely getting sorted.

First thing we did when we moved in was organise a poker night,

Speaking of the poker its not been going too bad in the time from the last post to now, (hopefully i wont ruin everything by writing about it)

For August i was +£377.48
September +£615.65
October so Far = +£788.76

So not a bad showing from where i used to be at hopefully i can keep running this golden,

Below are a few of the memorable hands that ive played in the past month or so

And Platonic next time you want to try and insult me you little pleb, you know where you can find me you keyboard warrior!

Monday, 18 August 2008

Recent Goings On

Not played much pokes lately to be honest, as the numb nuts at BT and Sky have fcuked up my internet connection and it would take 20 days to reset everything back up and with us moving in 10 days theres not much point,

I have had some winning sessions though found an interent cafe by us and played for a couple of hours over two days and ended up +£300 which aint too bad for 4 hours work.

Played abit of live pokes last night, finished 5th in a £20 sngay out of 14 runners took a gamble with my 99 vs AJ all in pre and he spikes runner runner straight on river to half my chips i then slam with JQ suited and double up off someone else, and attempt a steal with K10 suited but called by guy who knocked me down first time, i manage to spike K on the flop but his A10 holds as he hits his A 3 outer on the river. One other hand i have to mention as this guy was going on and on and on about it all night, i have A6ss on BB and its checked to me i raise it up x3 bb get two callers, flop comes Qs 9s 6c i check hoping to check raise him but he checks behind me, turn 2s i bet half the pot he calls, river is 10h he slams with Ks Jh for the straight i insta call with the flush and hes like how can you bet out with the nuts on turn, and wouldnt shut up about it alllll night!

So moved over to the £40 cash game, quickly moved upto around £60 after a guy pushes my £3.50 raise for £10 total with KQ vs my AQ then i proceed to hit 2 sets straights a plenty and everything going, then the defining hand i get JJ in mid pos, its raised early to £6 with two callers i re raise £20 raiser calls as does first caller, flop comes 9 10 2 raiser bets £10 caller folds and i shove for rest he calls and flips KK turn is a magical J bomb and i take down a nice £100+ pot, then to the very last hand of the night, i have A4hh flop comes Ad 2h 9h i check he bets £10 i decide to see a turn and call, turn 9c i check again he must have a low Ace so we are splitting at worst here, he pushes for last £15 i insta call and he shows A7o/s and river is magical 5h get in another nice hand.

Not a bad nights work +£140,

Anyways might not get much poker in over the next couple of weeks as we are in the process of moving back over the right side of the penines, so laters all and best of luck at the tarbs

Sunday, 3 August 2008

Its Been a while....

It seems ages since i last posted on here so thought id better check in with anyone that reads this if there are any of you left.

Been playing mainly PLO and having a good time of it been using a new site which seems like free money to me, people play so bad at PLO, had a couple of nice winning days this month 3 days running cashed for over £200+ a night profit, then had the smart idea of taking a shot at higher limits.

Usually play 25c 50c, 50c $1 and $1 $2 but yesterday decided to give $2.50 $5 a go and see what happens, well it was eventful to say the least, lost $200 pretty quickly then decided to re deposit and try again, quickly doubled up getting it on the flop with oppo drawing dead whcih is always nice!

Then this.. i was quite safe with the flop and when the turn comes down im golden, all the money goes in and i think im on for the biggest pot of my life, see for yourselves.

Then playing today i hit my first Royal Flush which is somthing ive been thinking i would never hit!

Anyways catch you all later.


Sunday, 6 July 2008


I dont know where to start really, Since my last post there have been a few changes to say the least.

Finally stopped being a bum and got myself a job, funny thing is its more money for less hours than it was at my old place, always a bonus in my opinion!. Another change is still in the pipeline but hopefully will happen at the end of August now.

But the major change is in the poker i havent fancied playing much NL Holdem instead i thought i would try some PLO instead and here are a few interesting hands for you to look at.

In this one i flop top set but am cautious of the flush draw, but when no one bets the flop and it gets back to me on the turn with still no flush draw i figure i have to bet, and when he re raises its either a smaller set or flush draw so i take the gamble and im happy to see his hand.

This one was a little more tricky i flop the boat but still unsure as to what im up against, i figure quite quickly when he only calls my raise that he has the set only and no boat himself so stick em in and luckily he doesnt fill up.

This is another nice hand abit of a dodgy call pre flop by me but i know full well the guy is tilting after losing the majority of his stack the hand before and leaving himself with $30, i quickly work out im infront on the turn and dont want to let him suck out on the river so make him pay big and its pays off for me

I like this hand from the day before, i think maybe my raise scares off the other guy in the pot but i figure if he calls 10 he will call 20 shame but luckily the other guy slams em for me and hes drawing dead which is always nice!

Also im still waiting to hear back from Platonic the little girl who i have challanged to a game at any stakes at any time but he seems to be ducking me i wonder why that is.....? Scared me thinks!

Anyways always nice to turn $80 to $500 shame every day aint like this huh?

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Check Your Old Accounts

Ive heard plenty of people " finding " money they had forgot was there, but it had never happend to me.

Well anyways i re activated my Betfair account and found $20 there not too sure where it had come from but decided to give it a go, and just slammed the whole lot on a 25c 50c 6 seater cash game.

Had a few interesting hands see what you think here. not really sure about my play here but i couldnt work out what hand he could have that would be strong enough to re raise me pre and also contain an 8 and if he did have an 8 or flopped the full house why he would bet so much on the flop, my only true worries were KK and AA and was relieved when he didnt show either! This is against the same guy not two mins later i think its actually his first hand after rebuying his chips from the first time, on major tilt by the looks of this pre flop call but always nice when they dont suck out! This one mega confused me, i couldnt work out what the hell he had with the two flat calls, it surely had to be a monster ie KK or K9 or a busted floosh draw i dont like the way he flat calls every bet i make, but when he doesnt raise any street that rules out KK because i know he aint that good, K9 is possible but again i dont think hes good enough to slow play to this extent, when he bets on the river i have to call and im glad i dont re shove just a suckout i guess, wp donk!

Anyways good luck all and i will see you all after i return from my holiday to Agia Napa with the lads on Sunday, Remember check your old accounts it pays to!

Friday, 6 June 2008

All Change Please....

Sorry for the lack of updates all but just been mega busy at the mo, so much going on and so much about to happen i hope!

First thing to happen was i finally left work, i had to do it before i went mad to be honest. There are some top lads and lasses there you know who you are, but then there are some who i wouldnt give the steam off my pi$$ to, i guess its much the same as anywhere but on the whole top bunch of people

Just figures that things wouldnt run as smoothly as id hoped, was meant to start a job on Monday but it now seems that aint gonna start til i come back from the stag do in Agia Napa next week. So all being well i will have a new job to come back to.

Also some of you may or not know but me and the missus are looking at moving back over to Yorkshire, hopefully that all goes through in a couple of months moving back home for the time being and then from there who knows.

And to top it off my grandad was rushed into hospital last week having taken a fall outside and smashing his face up quite bad, so returned home to see him, first words from him typical grandad " what you bought me flowers for im not dead yet you know!" "thy buys women flowers lad not blokes, when i die thy can buy me all the flowers tha wants you daft bugger"

So with it being a poker blog i suppose i best talk about some pokes....

Well played abit when i went home fired up abit of PLO 50c $1 and the standard was awful turned $20 into $200 two days in row and in the process ran my £30 into £300, Also went to Rileys for the King of Clubs tourney £10 freeze out blinds started to bite so slammed with KQ sutied and was called by 6 7 o/s flop comes 6 7 8 turn gives me the floosh draw but miss on river and im out, headed over to the cash tables and turned £20 into £70 in no time.

Came back home and from running like god i ran like crap and dropped about £150 from the £300 so cashed out the £150, i will see if i can dig a few HH`s out later on, it was mainly me running like a donkey as far as i can remember playing poor hands and playing too high i think.

Just fired up a game today see how i get on from there hopefully win myself some spending money for my holiday!

Laters all and gl at the tables.


Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Slowly Slowly Catchy Monkey

Not really sure if anyone is still checking this out or if you have all deserted me after I said i was taking a break from the game. Ive decided to ease myself slowly back into poker after taking the break

Well abits happend since then, I left poker alone for two weeks before having a game on a new site to see how it was and the standard was poor to say the least, made a nice tidy profit only for me to stupidly lose it all the next night.

Next up was the APAT event in Manchester, and again to be honest the standard was dire.

3k starting chips and 30min blinds didnt really hit many hands early on until the last hand before the first break had QQ on the BB and raised x3 bb guy calls in mid pos flop brings Q 10 7 i check hoping to induce a bluff but he checks behind me, Bugger!. Turn brings the 10 and i give it the hollywood like its just busted my hand, I again check this time he bites, and puts 800 into a 1600 pot i decide to slow play making it look like im weak, turn brings another 7 i bet 1500 and slams i insta call for a nice 9k or so pot.

Then after the break the hands were rolling in, only problem was they werent standing up, firstly i get K9 in BB on board of 996 for a large chunk of my chips he plays 78 soooooo badly on the river there are 4 diams obv he hits his str8 but doesnt figure for the 4 card flush on the board rivers checked down and i ask does he have a diamond to which i get a no just the str8 wp donk!

Next up AQ vs shorties push with 1010 and i dont improve. I then get AK two hands running dccide against slow play and open shove the first time the bb tanks and folds saying he much A10. Very next hand AK again couple of callers same play all in they surely couldnt figure me for the same hand again but no callers either. Then get AQ against another semi shorties JJ and again dont improve. Then final hand i make a play vs first position caller he flips over KK and thats me done.

So to the cash game sat with £65 and to say the standard was way bad was an understatement, atleast 4 of the guys had seen every flop after the first hour or so. Some decent pots i decided to gamble early on and got all my money in pre flop with AKc vs 88 first card out lovely K and i have a nice stack of around £120

Later on i make what i believe to be a good laydown only for it to backfire on a £120 pot, see what you all think...

I get KK raise the re straddle up to £12 playing 1 and 1 NL get 4 callers flop brings A A 5 i bet £20 at the flop to which i get two callers turn brings J i fear im behind to a rag A so check guy shoves other guy calls and its back to me to which i fold, they then flip over KJ and 99 unreal river brings other A

I did manage to get some back later on though with a slow played top set vs a donk with nothign trying to bluff. The standard at this game was awful it really was. But good day had by all except i suspect Tom who lost a ton, quick mention to Mike though who made a top laydown again with KK on board of J 10 2 he bets £25 at the flop is raised to £75 and two others ship for £25 each they show hands of J10 vs 89 vs AQ turn brings Q river brings J, and they call with these hands even though he raised to £10 pre flop.

Played some hands online last night and managed to run super hot having JJ 4 times and 3 / 4 time flopping a set and getting paid each time other time i was all in on the flop on a 7 high board vs AK managed to come off with a final balance of $708, so not a bad nights work if only every night was like this eh?

Sunday, 4 May 2008

They Think its All Over.....It Is For Now

Yup thats right folks decided to call it a day, A few reasons really, but the main one is the time its taking up i could and should be doing other things with my life but not.

That and i just dont have the correct BRM to play like i want to at the minute.

So gonna take some time out couple of months or so and see where we go from there, get some cash together and come back bigger and better than before.

Thats the plan anyways

Catch you all later!

Thursday, 1 May 2008

Is it sometimes better to be lucky rather than good?

Had to take the day off work again today due to this bug that i thought id shifted before i went to France but it appears to have come back after taking all the tablets to get rid of it. So it was another trip to the docs today to get some more tablets and see whats up with me.

Got back and fired up two tables and now i normally tile the tables so i dont click on the wrong table when they flash up but for some reason i didnt and this was the result of it.

When he comes back over the top im about to lay it down but another table flashed up and distracted me and i ended clicking call instead of fold and got super lucky!

from there on the fisheees at the table never believed me when i had a hand, as you can see below:

Gotta love this flop

By this time they were calling me down with any two which is always nice with a good starting hand

On reflection it is an awesome flop and maybe should have bet but i didnt know what he was holding and could have been air so i check to trap him but he checks right back.
But it all worked out for a nice little pot in the end.

Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Holiday, Poker and Near Death Experiences

Just got back from a long weekend away in France with the lads, went to watch the rugby Castleford and Catalan in the superleague, top weekend although proper expensive somthing around £5 a pint in some places.

Got back sunday and went round one of the lads houses for a home game, £10 tourny busted out early but was allowed a rebuy and went on to finish second after sucking out twice or so along the way, i begrudgingly accepted a split of £80 - £40 heads up i just felt he was lucky as fuck and i was right, hes a proper donk and called a raise with 2 3 off suit for the flop to come 2 2 3 and me to have nut flush draw A high,

Then came the usual lets see how much money Gaz can lose at shoot just £10 this time so not too bad.

Played abit over the weekend managed to turn £30 into £200 and cashed some out and again tonight turned $50 into $260 so not a bad night tonight, here are a few hands from tonights play.
Looking at this one it was a poor read by me and just got lucky on the turn simple as.
This one having seen the guy play a little he could be doing this with any 2 the river just does me in
I like this play with 4 4 because with the pre flop raise infront of me i know if i hit a 4 and higher cards come with it im getting paid of 70 - 80% of the time
I really like this one i again figure with the preflop raise there are some decent hands about so i make a big enough re raise to push all the raggy aces out and only get called by the genuine hand when no A comes on the flop they are all going in, and get called twice to boot, was infront start to finish but the turn does help a little

Also a big shout out to Mike D who finished 2nd on Sunday night in an online 10gtd tourny for a nice $1,600 pay day, wp old boy!

The near death experience i hear you cry, I Was sat on the train back from Manchester the other day and some little scrote throws a brick at the train it hits the window im sat right next to and cracks the outside payne of glass a few inches above my head, if the inside payne would have broken the brick would have hit me on the head and the broken glass cut my face to bits!

And to top it off the bloke who i move from the aisle seat to the window seat for has torrets and keeps repeating himself over and over again the same words " Fking cut her" needless to say i moved pretty sharpish

Friday, 18 April 2008

Here comes the pain

After recently running in a God like state, the beats wouldnt be far away i knew this but was hoping i could make some $$$ before they came,

So anyways from my inital 20 ive cashed out £200 leaving myself another £70 to play with here and there.

Decided to play abit of omaha and here was the first beat it was the old AA vs KK

This technically aint too bad a beat as he does have a fair few outs to hit, but still flopped set vs runner runner flush

Managed to turn it around at the end and still come away with a nice £20 profit.

Running Golden

The bug seems to be disappearing but part of me wants it to stay, i mean while ive had this ive been running golden

Decided to take today off work today aswell just to make sure i was properly over this, sat down played a 50c $1 table with $50 and come off with $250, Check these out....

Just thought this was an awesome read, he had been at it in my mind quite a few times the table was quite fishy, somthing just didnt add up in this one.

Dont think i could have wished for a better flop on this one, top pair and nut flush draw think i may have been able to extract more from him on the flop raise if i had made it a little bigger possibly but it was still a nice pot non the less.

Also entered the first round of the Betfair 6pak tourny and managed to get a seat to level 2 will let you all know how that goes later on.

Thursday, 17 April 2008

Running Like God....Feeling Like Shit

Whats that old saying you cant have everything....its true.

Like the title suggests i was running red hot today but felt absolutely dog $hit, Was up all night last night praying to the toilet god, so when i finally got to bed about 4 or 5am i was in no mood for getting up for work some 4 hours later, it takes the mick a little bit in the same week i hand my notice in i get smacked with some dirty bug niiiiiiiiice.

Anyways was just checking out my emails (between toilet breaks) and stuff and had one from Betfair saying i had some kind of deposit waiting on my account so fired it up and found £20 sat there i figured i had the day off, but knowing my luck i would need to leave in tne middle of a hand so with sick bucket at my side i started blasting the 25c 50c tables

This is one of the first few pots i got involved in not too sure what they were chasing to be honest but anyways its a nice start

Not too sure about the next hand i got more than a little fortunate on the river but then again hes not playing a premium hand and even when he hits hes not really defining his hand either

This one im not convinced with his play here somthing smells fishy with the river bet how can he call call then bet, it smells like a missed flush to me and what do u know....

Decided to go back to bed after this i was feeling so so weak it was untrue so logged off with a nice profit. Had a few hours but figured i wouldnt be able to sleep tonight if i slept for too long so decided id try my hand at a omaha game and im glad i did!

Didnt start off too well as you can see from this one....

Wasnt really too fussed here as it was only a small buyin i thought about it and sat out for a while should i leave with what i have, i was just about to when i saw the rubbish that one fish at the table was playing with and it wasnt long before he had gone busto for the 4time for $300ish dollars in total he rebought so i thought im having some of this. And just look what the poker gods served up!

Thinking about it this could be one of the biggest pots ive won online almost $300, ive never been more glad to see a 2 in my life i can tell you!.

Played the Betfair 1k gtd aswell and managed a cash as you can see below, dont remember many hands apart from this one, all in 3 way on the final table i had KK vs AK vs AA guy with AA trebles up and goes on to win with ease, this is the hand

And here is the final positions...

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

High Stakes Big Tourney Cash....

Finished 13th in a tourny last night with 1220 runners in it.

Thought i was on for some right money until i checked the pay out structure

And it turned out it was a pointless free roll, i got a massive $8, pointless!

Such a shame it was a freeroll, Ah well maybe next time eh?

Saturday, 12 April 2008

Wp Betfair

Found $12 on my betfair account so thought id see what i could run it upto.

Played 2 sngays $5 1st and 2nd gave me about $30 went and sat at a 25c 50c cash table

Had a good read on the table serial raiser tries it on here but i knew he had AK AQ or AJ

Then a few hands later i get this i called as again it was against serial raiser with junk figured they were suited at the very least.

Would have been a nice $90 pot but not to be as usual the retard sucks out

Monday, 7 April 2008

Long Time No Post

Havent posted in a while, mainly due to the fact that BT and SKY are the two most incompetant companies in the world, however i think i may have been blacklisted from both now, ah well. All started off when the morons at Sky imputted my MAC code in wrong 3 times this locking my account so they couldnt do anything wp morons. So rang them got through to a snotty woman who basically told me what i already knew so ended up asking if her and all her mates there were retards to which she promptly slammed the phone down not before telling me she would make a note of what id said on my file. Next to BT who have cut my internet off on the 31st March and with Sky saying i wouldnt get it from them til the 9th April i asked why it they couldnt just run it for another couple of weeks so i wouldnt be without the tinternet.

Ended up being transferred to the back of beyond and he hadnt a clue of what i was talking about, to which i lost my temper and called him a "Fking Pri*k" and putting the phone down in a mega stress. So no pokes on the internet til the 9th

Went to a casino for the first time on Saturday with a couple of lads from work for the APAT event £20 freezeout, Card dead wasnt the half of it, the best hand id seen was JQdd on a board of Ah 2d 2h and folding to the table maniac.

Funny part of the day was when dealing the turn and river the final board read turn 2h River 2h we looked in amazement nice work i thought!

Made it past the first break with under half my starting chips, ran a bluff and stupidly showed it very next hand im on BB and flop top pair and push my measley stack into the pot one person folds a woman looks me up and down and says your bluffing again your at it i know you are, she calls and shows bottom pair, only for her to hit runner runner straight, wp you donk!

Waited around for one of lads he had got down to the last 9 with 8 places being paid, so i started up on a cash game first time id played in a casino have to say the standard was dire, it was £1 - £1 Pot Limit, only managed to play 2 hands as my sick run of poor cards continued. Got dealt 99 raised to £5 got one caller board comes K 2 8 he checks i C bet it another £5 he folds. Couple of hands later i get 99 again raise this time to £4 get 5 callers, i was thinking wtf! first card out 9h get in i thought! until the flop read 9h Ah 2h i check the other 5 check behind me, turn bring As i bet £8 bloke goes all in for £15 another guy calls £15 i call other £7, river is 5d i push my last £12 into the pot he calls saying i know im beat but i want to see what your playing with, i show my Boooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaatttttttttttt, they show AK and AJ and not a heart between them! nice £85ish pot, just as i won that Tom had finished with his AA all in pre being called by JJ and the JJ spiking a straight on the river.

Was a top day /night to be fair although would have loved to stay longer but had to get the last train back, hopefully wont be too long before i can rinse these drunked donks again!

Saturday, 22 March 2008

So So Sick

I now remember why i left 32Red in the first place, why is it hindsight is a wonderful thing?

I knew i should have cashed out when i reached $300 but i had to play one more hand, Got dealt QQ raised it up to $5 playing 50c $1 and clicked sit out next hand, a guy who had just been beaten in a sick beat himself slams all in for $38ish everyone folds back to me i call and because of 32Reds software it doesnt show you their hands right away, Flop brings 3 4 9 , 10 river A and what does this donkey turn over A5 well played u plum.

Anyways went out for a meal with the missus came back and fired up what i had left in my account about $240 so two tables of 50c $1 catch sum drunken fishees. Get dealt KK raise it up to $6 get 1 caller flop comes J 4 8 he bets the pot i figure at best he has a J so re pop to 3 times the pot he thinks and slams now ive got to call the remainder and he shows AJ, get in i thought turn As, Piss take number 1

Almost at the same time on another table get dealt Jh10h minimum raise to $2 Sb fold i call flop comes J 10 2 he bets the pot again and i figure him for AJ or over pair so decide again to pump it up 4times pot this time he again wastes no time and slams i call and he shows QQ, again i was like yes! turn brings 6h all looking good so far and the river 6s what a fucking piss take number 2 runner runner higher two pair.

I wish id logged off there but the pride kicked in i will win this money back!, so dip into the account and fire up two tables of 50c $1 with $100 on each at this point i was steaming mad i really should have logged off but i was convinced i could do it!, get KQs in BB its raised to $4 3 people call i figure ive odds to call and its not the worst hand, especially when the flop brings K Q 4 the original raiser bets the pot and a short shack pushes for $5 more i think do i milk it or slam here and decide sod it im enough down already and slam other guy folds oringal raiser calls turn 2 river 2 i was thinking not again surely??? yep original raiser shows AA and other guy shows A2 i flop 2 pair and come last how the fuck did that happen?

meanwhile on the other table i get AA and a guy has already pushed all in infront of me i was noticing this alot tonight they would push $50 pre flop so i re raise all in over the top everyone else folds, flop brings K 4 5 turn 3 river K and he shows K 10 o/s i just couldnt belive it, what a fucking piss take all round,

Decide to take one more shot at 50c $1 and deposit another $100

Nothing really to note apart from anotehr sick outdraw when its QQ vs QQ and he hits runner runner flush to give him the last of my money,

Now i know why i left 32red and why its referred to as Red Thirty Jew!

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Onward and Upward

Started the night with a tough decision to cash out or not to cash out that is the question!, but alas i bottled it and cashed out $500 of my current roll, leaving me with $250 a little short for 25c 50c games i know but i feel the way im hitting cards at the mo, its enough. Also had a quick check to see my stats on my site and from the day my account started the figures are as follows,

Deposited - $2,585.55
Withdrawn- $5,234.89
Profit / Loss = $2649.34

Amount Wagered - $104,542.45

To last nights action, not as many maniacs about last night as there was over the weekend, well pleased with the 10,000 people seated thought makes a change from the 3000 you get on $hitfair.

Not many hands to talk of to be honest, I remember setting a guy all in with a set only for him to hit runner runner flush he was holding KK on a board 4 5 9 i had 9 9 all the money was in on the flop. very next hand im left with $20 get AK and re raise a small raise donk to the left of me calls as does another. Flop comes A K 4 i push they both call, turn is a spade and river another spade, they check it down and he flips over Q8 spades for the runner runner flush again!, and his excuse? "sorry i was playing 6 tables and clicked to call on another and called you all in by mistake".

But never the less i carried on and soon took the majority of his $120 stack when i flopped a set of QQQ against his A8 on a board that read A Q 10 8 10,

Then shortly after this i take the remaining $70 with 2 2 as he slow plays AA pre flop to let me see a board of 2 5 9 all the money is on the flop and my set of 2`s holds up!

A quick note to say well done to AL J the big fish for scooping $1600 in the tourny last nite,

Current roll from $25 freebie = $350 ($500 cashed out)

Sunday, 16 March 2008

Eventful Weekend.

Nice to see the run of good cards and big hands holding up, was building the roll nicely upto around $450 before last nights / this mornings play.

Was up a couple of buyins so decided to leave it for a while and go watch MOTD, came back and figured there was a high chance there would be a few pi$$ed up fish on at this time so logged back on and played a little 50c $1, not many hands to remember apart from one just before i logged off, i think maybe i should have raised more pre to be honest, but in saying that i may have lost a customer. Then again this fish was pushing with nothing and getting called every other hand he must have done in $200+ in the time i was there

I had 77 raise to $4 from mid position, get two callers in SB and BB flop comes 8d 10h 2h i make a continuation bet the size of the pot around $15 SB folds BB calls, Turn 7s i bet pot he insta pushes, i figure he cant have called with J 9 to a pre flop raise surely? after much deliberation i put him on Ah ?h so call and he shows 3h 4h ( right suit wrong cards) luckily the river is As and i get a nice $350 pot.

After that called it a night as it was getting pretty late, fired up a couple of tables of 25c 50c today again up a couple of buyins early on and then another pivotal hand, again vs the table maniac.

KQs raise to $4 he calls rest of the table folds, now this guy was making some serious plays and was calling people down with nothing to the river. flop comes 9 10 3 he bets $2 i figure he has hit nothing and try and take the pot down with a x3 raise, he calls instantly which worries me. turn J giving me the nuts he insta bets the pot i raise he pushes and i call he shows Q 8 for the lower straight and again i ship in another $250 pot.

Current Roll

From $25 freebie - $775.37 in 3 days play.

Edit: shame not everything can run so good as me at the mo, Cas got hammered on Saturday night awful awful display boys!

Saturday, 15 March 2008

Change of Tactic Me thinks.....

Ok well plan A didnt seem to go too well so i figured it was time for a change,

So after much thought i decided to move away from Betfair, and moved to another site i used to play at. It came out of the blue to be honest, i got an email from the poker director there and he asked if i fancied giving their new site another chance, so cheekily i agreed if he agreed to put some cash into my account to try it out which he duely did.

Got $50 now and another $50 when i reach a certain amount of raked hands, so been playing a few hands the past couple of days, and ive managed to run the $50 upto almost $500 so i think i may stick around for a while, the bonus aint too shabby either and they offer rakeback which is antoher bonus.

So will just see how this pans out and see what i can make in the next few days, anythings a bonus i guess given the money i got was for nothing!

Monday, 3 March 2008

Way To kick you when your down!

Got my rake back for the month and to be honest wished i hadnt of bothered,

From the very first hand i got shafted over and over again, sometimes i wonder why i bother, i had my KK beaten by Q8 all in pre flop he rivers the flush.

My 1010 all in pre one calls with K 4 suited and again rivers his runner runnner flush.

and to top it off was this one let me know what you think.

And to top it off i get in from work and the fking ceiling in our bathroom has come in fking awesome!

Monday, 25 February 2008

One Beat Too Many For Me

I know what people say and its true you do remember the beats people put on you more than you remember the ones you put on others. and this i know in my case is so very true, but today i started a new site with the advice from Amatay didnt realise however when the promotion says ones month it actually means calander month and not a month from when you deposit!, which meant i would have to play 4000 hand in 4 days so i gave up on that idea for this month.

Went back to Betfair sat down at a table and was dealt shit after shit, then this:

Basically for those who cant view this site at work..

I get AA raise to $4 get called twice flop comes K Q 2 they check i decide to try and take it down here so make a massive over bet of $28 one caller, now im thinking yes ive got you here, he checks the turn which is 3 i push all in and he thinks for a while before calling with Q 4 off suit, and whats the river yup another Q sick isnt the word!

I knew i was well infront on the flop because of the way the same player played an earlier hand where he called all his chips on a 3 outer gut shot.

So ive decided that its time for a self imposed break, after all i have far more important things to spend my money on instead of getting sick beats like this.

So thats me done.

Friday, 22 February 2008

Runing Golden

Somthing really sick happend tonight and its been happening everytime ive had this hand. Had QQ early on and ran it into AA lost $25 of my $50, not un common you might think. until i tell you that i had QQ 7 times in the past two days and every time they been against AA or KK

Check these out.....These are four of the 7 times it happend

Sat down at another table with my last $30 and built it up to a nice $300

Here a few hands some were very fortunate but thought i played some very nicely

Flopped top two and figured i had to be infront.

This i thought i played awfully, the only reason i call the flop bet is it looks weak to me that he had AK or AQ, turn a flush draw and river set
This again was more than a little fortunate, but i figured he slightly tilted by the previous hand im not laying it down on the flop and turn is the bingo card!

Here again i call a raise and figure i have the big stack and can try and bully the table not too sure what the guy is hoping to hit when he pushes though

Friday, 15 February 2008

So Near.... Yet So Far

Morning All,

Sorry to dissapoint those of you who thought i was dead, nah just not had the $$$ to play at the minute ran badly a couple of weeks ago and with bills and other things to pay for didnt play.

Played in the freeroll Betfair set up for the increasing amount of outage their site has seen over the past month its been ridiculous to be honest.

in the beginning of this i will admit i didnt not take it seriously at all there were 1500 runners and to be honest i couldnt be arsed, so i let the missus play it. at the first break i was chip leader with 30k was there or there abouts, until this lil fker. Sick River

Left me with 2k in chips with blinds at 100 / 200 wasnt looking good but i got a nice double up and got to the 2nd break with 5k in chips, took it steady and built it back up to 150k again having AA KK and flopped str8 all after each other.

Then after 3rd break going in as chip leader with 200k pushed all in with 10 10 guy called with A5 suited flopped his flush draw and hit it on turn, from then on didnt really see many hands apart from this sickener was certain it was a double up for sure!

But alas it wasnt to be finally pushed here with just over 100k with A3 into AK on a board of A K 3 and that was me out in 15th not bad £90 better off but a little more luck and i was looking at $5000 shame! Ah well theres always sunday.

Thursday, 31 January 2008

Fcuking Shafted

Lol when they fking come they fking come dont they, Firstly been fking shafted over at work being moved into an office where i know exactly 0 people because aparantly my tasks are better suited to that team, how about get fucked!

And just took 3 beats one after another online playing pokes.

Shaftage 1

A10 hearts raise to $4 called by 2 players, flop comes 10c Jh 7h bet pot one caller turn 10d this time bet well over pot he thinks for ages and calls, river 4d i push for rest making it look like a steal ie; Missed flush draw, he calls and shows J 10 the fking slow playing sh£t house.

Reload very next hand AK suited sum numpty raises to $1 i re raise to $5 another bloke makes it $10 first raiser calls i slam for $45 total, he calls so does original bloke they show 66 and 77 i mean what the fuk?final board reads 4 4 Q Q 2

then final hand these are 3 hands straight after each other, get QQ raise to $5 re raised again by the numpty another bloke flat calls i slam for $45 total, re raiser folds and flat caller calls and shows AA well and truly ass fu£ked

Thanks Betfair!

Monday, 28 January 2008

Plodding On..

Played abit of pokes lately, trying to get my ass up the betfair leaderboard, running ok i guess at the minute.

Well i say that and then i had this one before, the sickest beat i have ever taken to be honest have a look for yourselves.
Sick Beat im just glad it was against a short stack thats all.

Had a home game Friday managed to finish 2nd in the £10 tourney and recover from an early loss in the cash game twice running my AQ into AK and running my 88 all in steal against AA, although i did make one cracking lay down, flopping top 2 and working out i was behind to a flopped straight.

After cashing out previous roll started again and current roll stands at $353

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Or does it?

After my horror show earlier on i decided to sit out for a while and regroup, didnt do much good to be honest!

Only about half an hour after having a sick beat put on me, i put an even worse one on some poor bloke for $290

I have AQ playing $1 $2 raise to $7 he calls flop comes Q 2 7 he bets $15 i figure hes bluffing so pump it up to $60 odd he thinks about it and calls, Turn comes Q now im hoping more than anything hes called with AA or KK but why would he just flat call my raise? surely he would push there and then? he insta pushes on the turn for $130, how can the Q have helped him? Same hand? i call for my remaining $70 he shows the one of the few hands i didnt want to see 2 2, Shit!
Quickly work out any A Q or 7 and she arrives on the river a nice lovley looking laydeeee Quad Queens!! Sick sick beat and so so fortunate!

Then played the betfair 100k freeroll and cashed, well i say cashed i qualified for the next round on Saturday!

And it all comes crashing down!

Fuck me i thought lightning couldnt strike in the same place twice? i got the fucker 4 times on in the same session!

First hand stupid play by me AJ vs A8 suited he flops flush id seen him bluff a few ppl off figured he was at it again nope!

Next 77 runs into AA another one bites the dust!

AQ suited all in pre called by A9 o/s final board reads A Q 9 2 9 $50 more gone

then this Fucking Cunt of a hand,

Player 1 raises my BB to $3 i call with J Q player 2 calls,

Flop A K 10 = Flopped nuts! i check Player one bets $4 Player 2 Calls $4 i re raise to $12 they both call

Turn = 2 = Still got nuts! i bet $25 they both call again

River = K = Oh for fuck sake! i bet $30 Player 1 raises to $60 player 2 calls i call

Player 1 shows AK Full house
Player 2 shows AQ Fuck All
I show Straight

$280 pot up the fking shitter

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Mighty Leeds! and few random hands

Well i promised id do it so well done mr Al J for tipping Leeds last night and Beckford to score first shame i just put him to score eh? either way £80 is £80

They are far too good for that league it was like men against boys!

Anyways have been hitting a nice few fair sized pots see what you all think - Gotta Love them Cowboys! - Only played this coz he was a complete donk, and loose as you like! Knew he didnt have much on the river - What a flop for this hand, not sure about my call pre flop i have a liking for suited connectors my weakness i suppose. - Behind pre flop to miles infront on the flop - My Weakness again,

I know it seems like im just putting up the hands i win but in truth im not really losing much if at all from my last ten sessions the most ive lost at one table is $25 the rest are +$110, +$140.

Thanks for reading and long may this run continue!

Oh also played in the £1.5k rebuy on betfair tonight ran well early on but went card dead and called a short stack all in with KQ right before the break he shows 77 and fills up on the river, first hand after break i get 66 push with short stack bloke to left calls with 9 9 all over rover! finished in 20th
Cashed another $400 tonight meaning my winnings for the month so far are $1,780. From my initial $50 not bad at all!

Sunday, 13 January 2008

Another Day Another Cash

Tell ya what i dont know what ive done to be running this well but its ace im getting it in with the best of it and my hands are holding.

After deciding to cash my roll of $400 in the other day i thought id start a fresh and see what i could do with another £10 and see what i could run it upto, well after day 1 the figure stood around $100 and today after an afternoon session on the cyber felt it was at $350

here are a couple of notable hands from the afternoon.

Hand 1 JJ vs 77 vs A8 Was certain was infront but you never can be too sure

Hand 2 Dont think i played this particulary well but still managed to extract the cash!

Hand 3 Nice start to a new table!

So that was the afternoon session, After which i decided to cash out £150 and leave the rest on there about £20 or so.

The evening session was more than a little eventful, i got very very lucky! on this one, i would have apolagised to the guy but my chat isnt working right now, "Old Man River"

But Just to show its not all being going my way heres one i wish id played differently "Awful Push" looking back i should have gotten away from this on the turn but unfortuantely i didnt and left myself with $5 although i stuck it out got 2 double ups from non belivers and im currently on $75 again

Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Winning Becoming A Habit?

Tell ya this winning lark is becoming a habit and to be honest i love it!

Was stuck early on for around $50 mainly due to some donk play by me trying to bluff 2 players who both had me beat from the off.

But then i hit a nice $134 dollar pot with AJ vs K10 vs 810 on a final board of J 9 8 5 2 figured they were both on the draw and i was right! luckily neither of them hit but then why is 8 10 o/s calling a $4 raise in first position?

Cant really remember many hands to be honest, think this is the best ive been playing in a while to be honest and long may it continue!!

Current Roll $371.12 with $500 safely tucked away

Note:- After deciding to play some mad flipping on betfair PLO current roll is $407

Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Whats that coming over the hill.....? Is it a Monster?

Seems the good old lady luck hasnt deserted me as soon as i thought, shes still around and good looking as ever!

After i was almost killed off by the sick outdraws i recieved earlier i tried my last £20 on my account and 25c 50c table full ring table which i dont normally play, i noticed this table was full of poor players even by my standards they were poor!

I took a few little pots down nowt too major then there was this one that looking back i may have been a little fortunate, but let me know what you think. Flush vs Set vs Tit all Fishing.

Then the very same fish who had called with nothing a couple of hands before did so again, and this happend Flushy, looking back at the hand how could he think he was winning?

So after cashing out i was left with $50, and after the last bit of play tonight the new revised roll is $168.59 after cashing out $500 before.


Oh it started so well one of the first hands i flop a straight flush, and get paid off by 3 players nice $30 pot, took my roll to $600 or there abouts, And thats where all the good news ends,

3 times i was shafted, everytime im on the BB flop a straight and end up all in on the flop holding the stone cold nuts 3 times in a row, only for them to either a fh on the turn on the river or like the last one when i limped with 2 4 and the flop comes 3 5 6 player A bets the pot player B calls i move over the top for 4x initial bet, they both call, turn comes 6 they both check i figure neither has a full house, so push only to be called by both of them A shows K6 B shows A6 river comes 3 for them both to beat me, what a fking joke!

But luckily i had decided i would cash out £250 and just leave myself with $50 dollars ish what i started with basically, so not bad for a weeks work £250 notes just seems everything i do now im getting shafted left right and centre, guess ive used up all my good luck already this week, ah well thats the variance of poker for ya

Monday, 7 January 2008

Good Day Off

Not a bad monday to be fair, had a nice lazy day went for my hair cut and played sum pokes,

Not many major hands in my first session to be honest i had this nice one against a guy i had been whinding up for a while, he said the only reason he did it was because it was me, NICE!!

As i said had a lazy day tidied up this hole seen as weve just had a major clear out so threw loads away. Came back on the pokes tonite and a nice fish sat down so i thought id join him at abit of $1 $2 sat with the minimum and only played solid hands first was this one nice ladies, then out of nowhere AP McCoy sits down to my left, not sure if its the real jockey Tony Mccoy but ive been told by numerous people it is, anyways this unfolded, GB vs Jockey.

Called it a night after that, back to work in the morning.

Current Roll - $545.91

Sunday, 6 January 2008

Shakey Start Nice End Though!

Started off badly played awful with my first $25 and quickly lost that, mainly due to retarded play by me!

So moved tables and started a fresh sat with $50 didnt really move from that until this complete cold decker basically . $104 pot

decided to reload and plug away and doubled back up almost instantly, all the while i had entered the $5.50 tourney 105 runners im kinda gutted about the result to be honest i should have won it, down to the last three i have 130k in chips other two have 20k but a couple of hands later i knock 3rd out QQ vs 82 an attempted bluff he told me. then heads up he was push or fold first hand i get A10 and call instantly only for him to show AQ next is 55 vs his 44 all in pre flop K Q 4 so now we are back to even, then i push with A6 he calls with A10 and its all over, still i suppose 2nd is better than nothing eh?

Current Roll = $416

Saturday, 5 January 2008

Nice looking table that

ah thats a nice looking leaderboard, just hope i can keep it up for the rest of the month!
Update: Just finished playing roll now on $350

Plugging Away....

Was happily grinding away at 5c 10c limits until my player list flashed up and id tagged an absolute donk who plays higher tables and as i was up on the past few days i thought id give it a go.

I know its not very good bank roll management but i put everything i had on a $1 $2 table

Heres a few hands some good and one absolute joke, the first was a nice bluff against the table donk / fish, think it was more than obvious he was on the draw, luckily for me he missed it!.

This hand was an absolute joke, but looking back i guess after he bluffed he had to call any bet that i made, still even tho it was an absolute donk of a play judge for yourselves how bad this is.

After that hand i saw my arse a little bit and started playing major aggresive, the next hand was a bad call pre flop and an iffy call on the flop but figured i had outs.

Then still feeling hard done to i had this beauty looking back i was more than a little fortunate and told the guy as much after the hand, so heres the lucky one.

So after a short spell against the donk ive currently got a roll of $280

Friday, 4 January 2008

Day 3 And it Goes On.....

On the third day of our challange thingy, seems to be going pretty well. played two tables tonight finished up on $74 on one table and $31 on the other both 5c 10c and started with $5 on each.

Was going to put some hands up on here but seems i hadnt activated hand histories on betfair so it missed everything

Current roll stands at $191.70

Thursday, 3 January 2008

Footbball vs Rugby

After a discussion in the office just before christmas, about how football has become a girls sport and the only true british mans game is Rugby, i thought id highlight this with the following image to the right here >>>> Need i say anymore boys?

Oh an update on the poker front current roll stands at $130.37

New Year New Start

A belated happy new year all, not really played much poker over christmas think i got a couple of hours in here and there but nothing major,

So decided its the start of a new year and that i would take the poker more seriously than before as sometimes ive been known to donk off chips at an alarming rate and other times i play like Helmuth with X ray vision.

Was talking to a few lads in the office and we are gonna take up a month challange to start off with, everyone starts with $50 and you play for one month with correct BRM and see how much you make at the end of it, if it seems a good idea i might make it my challange for 2008 turn $50 into $5000 would be a reasonable effort i reckon.

Started yesterday and played some 5c 10c and turned a nice profit of around $15 - $20 not bad for a first day, As it stands at the mo after i got £15 from rakeback for last month so i have around $90 not a bad effort.