Friday, 18 April 2008

Running Golden

The bug seems to be disappearing but part of me wants it to stay, i mean while ive had this ive been running golden

Decided to take today off work today aswell just to make sure i was properly over this, sat down played a 50c $1 table with $50 and come off with $250, Check these out....

Just thought this was an awesome read, he had been at it in my mind quite a few times the table was quite fishy, somthing just didnt add up in this one.

Dont think i could have wished for a better flop on this one, top pair and nut flush draw think i may have been able to extract more from him on the flop raise if i had made it a little bigger possibly but it was still a nice pot non the less.

Also entered the first round of the Betfair 6pak tourny and managed to get a seat to level 2 will let you all know how that goes later on.

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