Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Holiday, Poker and Near Death Experiences

Just got back from a long weekend away in France with the lads, went to watch the rugby Castleford and Catalan in the superleague, top weekend although proper expensive somthing around £5 a pint in some places.

Got back sunday and went round one of the lads houses for a home game, £10 tourny busted out early but was allowed a rebuy and went on to finish second after sucking out twice or so along the way, i begrudgingly accepted a split of £80 - £40 heads up i just felt he was lucky as fuck and i was right, hes a proper donk and called a raise with 2 3 off suit for the flop to come 2 2 3 and me to have nut flush draw A high,

Then came the usual lets see how much money Gaz can lose at shoot just £10 this time so not too bad.

Played abit over the weekend managed to turn £30 into £200 and cashed some out and again tonight turned $50 into $260 so not a bad night tonight, here are a few hands from tonights play.

Looking at this one it was a poor read by me and just got lucky on the turn simple as.

This one having seen the guy play a little he could be doing this with any 2 the river just does me in

I like this play with 4 4 because with the pre flop raise infront of me i know if i hit a 4 and higher cards come with it im getting paid of 70 - 80% of the time

I really like this one i again figure with the preflop raise there are some decent hands about so i make a big enough re raise to push all the raggy aces out and only get called by the genuine hand when no A comes on the flop they are all going in, and get called twice to boot, was infront start to finish but the turn does help a little

Also a big shout out to Mike D who finished 2nd on Sunday night in an online 10gtd tourny for a nice $1,600 pay day, wp old boy!

The near death experience i hear you cry, I Was sat on the train back from Manchester the other day and some little scrote throws a brick at the train it hits the window im sat right next to and cracks the outside payne of glass a few inches above my head, if the inside payne would have broken the brick would have hit me on the head and the broken glass cut my face to bits!

And to top it off the bloke who i move from the aisle seat to the window seat for has torrets and keeps repeating himself over and over again the same words " Fking cut her" needless to say i moved pretty sharpish

Friday, 18 April 2008

Here comes the pain

After recently running in a God like state, the beats wouldnt be far away i knew this but was hoping i could make some $$$ before they came,

So anyways from my inital 20 ive cashed out £200 leaving myself another £70 to play with here and there.

Decided to play abit of omaha and here was the first beat it was the old AA vs KK


This technically aint too bad a beat as he does have a fair few outs to hit, but still flopped set vs runner runner flush

Managed to turn it around at the end and still come away with a nice £20 profit.

Running Golden

The bug seems to be disappearing but part of me wants it to stay, i mean while ive had this ive been running golden

Decided to take today off work today aswell just to make sure i was properly over this, sat down played a 50c $1 table with $50 and come off with $250, Check these out....


Just thought this was an awesome read, he had been at it in my mind quite a few times the table was quite fishy, somthing just didnt add up in this one.


Dont think i could have wished for a better flop on this one, top pair and nut flush draw think i may have been able to extract more from him on the flop raise if i had made it a little bigger possibly but it was still a nice pot non the less.

Also entered the first round of the Betfair 6pak tourny and managed to get a seat to level 2 will let you all know how that goes later on.

Thursday, 17 April 2008

Running Like God....Feeling Like Shit

Whats that old saying you cant have everything....its true.

Like the title suggests i was running red hot today but felt absolutely dog $hit, Was up all night last night praying to the toilet god, so when i finally got to bed about 4 or 5am i was in no mood for getting up for work some 4 hours later, it takes the mick a little bit in the same week i hand my notice in i get smacked with some dirty bug niiiiiiiiice.

Anyways was just checking out my emails (between toilet breaks) and stuff and had one from Betfair saying i had some kind of deposit waiting on my account so fired it up and found £20 sat there i figured i had the day off, but knowing my luck i would need to leave in tne middle of a hand so with sick bucket at my side i started blasting the 25c 50c tables

This is one of the first few pots i got involved in not too sure what they were chasing to be honest but anyways its a nice start

Not too sure about the next hand i got more than a little fortunate on the river but then again hes not playing a premium hand and even when he hits hes not really defining his hand either

This one im not convinced with his play here somthing smells fishy with the river bet how can he call call then bet, it smells like a missed flush to me and what do u know....

Decided to go back to bed after this i was feeling so so weak it was untrue so logged off with a nice profit. Had a few hours but figured i wouldnt be able to sleep tonight if i slept for too long so decided id try my hand at a omaha game and im glad i did!

Didnt start off too well as you can see from this one....http://www.pokerhand.org/?1771454

Wasnt really too fussed here as it was only a small buyin i thought about it and sat out for a while should i leave with what i have, i was just about to when i saw the rubbish that one fish at the table was playing with and it wasnt long before he had gone busto for the 4time for $300ish dollars in total he rebought so i thought im having some of this. And just look what the poker gods served up!

Thinking about it this could be one of the biggest pots ive won online almost $300, ive never been more glad to see a 2 in my life i can tell you!.

Played the Betfair 1k gtd aswell and managed a cash as you can see below, dont remember many hands apart from this one, all in 3 way on the final table i had KK vs AK vs AA guy with AA trebles up and goes on to win with ease, this is the hand http://www.pokerhand.org/?1771488

And here is the final positions...

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

High Stakes Big Tourney Cash....

Finished 13th in a tourny last night with 1220 runners in it.

Thought i was on for some right money until i checked the pay out structure

And it turned out it was a pointless free roll, i got a massive $8, pointless!

Such a shame it was a freeroll, Ah well maybe next time eh?

Saturday, 12 April 2008

Wp Betfair

Found $12 on my betfair account so thought id see what i could run it upto.

Played 2 sngays $5 1st and 2nd gave me about $30 went and sat at a 25c 50c cash table

Had a good read on the table serial raiser tries it on here but i knew he had AK AQ or AJ


Then a few hands later i get this i called as again it was against serial raiser with junk figured they were suited at the very least.


Would have been a nice $90 pot but not to be as usual the retard sucks out

Monday, 7 April 2008

Long Time No Post

Havent posted in a while, mainly due to the fact that BT and SKY are the two most incompetant companies in the world, however i think i may have been blacklisted from both now, ah well. All started off when the morons at Sky imputted my MAC code in wrong 3 times this locking my account so they couldnt do anything wp morons. So rang them got through to a snotty woman who basically told me what i already knew so ended up asking if her and all her mates there were retards to which she promptly slammed the phone down not before telling me she would make a note of what id said on my file. Next to BT who have cut my internet off on the 31st March and with Sky saying i wouldnt get it from them til the 9th April i asked why it they couldnt just run it for another couple of weeks so i wouldnt be without the tinternet.

Ended up being transferred to the back of beyond and he hadnt a clue of what i was talking about, to which i lost my temper and called him a "Fking Pri*k" and putting the phone down in a mega stress. So no pokes on the internet til the 9th

Went to a casino for the first time on Saturday with a couple of lads from work for the APAT event £20 freezeout, Card dead wasnt the half of it, the best hand id seen was JQdd on a board of Ah 2d 2h and folding to the table maniac.

Funny part of the day was when dealing the turn and river the final board read turn 2h River 2h we looked in amazement nice work i thought!

Made it past the first break with under half my starting chips, ran a bluff and stupidly showed it very next hand im on BB and flop top pair and push my measley stack into the pot one person folds a woman looks me up and down and says your bluffing again your at it i know you are, she calls and shows bottom pair, only for her to hit runner runner straight, wp you donk!

Waited around for one of lads he had got down to the last 9 with 8 places being paid, so i started up on a cash game first time id played in a casino have to say the standard was dire, it was £1 - £1 Pot Limit, only managed to play 2 hands as my sick run of poor cards continued. Got dealt 99 raised to £5 got one caller board comes K 2 8 he checks i C bet it another £5 he folds. Couple of hands later i get 99 again raise this time to £4 get 5 callers, i was thinking wtf! first card out 9h get in i thought! until the flop read 9h Ah 2h i check the other 5 check behind me, turn bring As i bet £8 bloke goes all in for £15 another guy calls £15 i call other £7, river is 5d i push my last £12 into the pot he calls saying i know im beat but i want to see what your playing with, i show my Boooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaatttttttttttt, they show AK and AJ and not a heart between them! nice £85ish pot, just as i won that Tom had finished with his AA all in pre being called by JJ and the JJ spiking a straight on the river.

Was a top day /night to be fair although would have loved to stay longer but had to get the last train back, hopefully wont be too long before i can rinse these drunked donks again!