Tuesday, 27 November 2007

High stakes Hands

Is it me or am i missing somthing here, just been watching a few hands of $25 - $50 NL hold em and all i can say is damn these people are retarded.

Just seen a bloke push with Ah9h on board 7s 8s 9s 10h kd to be called by Jh 9d that was for a $4000 pot.

Then the next one for me was an easy laydown, flop comes 7 Q 2 guy bets pot of $125 another raises to $500 original better re pops to $2000 guy goes back over the top for remaining $768, now am i missing somthign but if a guy re raises my re raise im pretty sure he has a good hand the and top pair with 2nd kicker isnt a calling hand. the original re raiser had 7 7 giving him a set and the bloke who re popped to 2k only had K Q

Unreal just wish i had the funds to play these levels

Sunday, 25 November 2007

All Over Rover

I know ive said it before but i think its time i took a break from poker, its doing my tits in to be honest, Ive gone from being pretty athletic to just getting in from work stuffing my tea down and sat infront of either the laptop or computer for hours.

Now dont get me wrong ive had good times doing it, won a few tourneys made a few $$$s paid for some nice stuff and that but i was sat here today id ran $40 upto $200 in 2 days and i just thought whats the point?

To be honest lately i aint felt much like doing it online, but i have and played some awful poker but then other times i just get robbed, Dont wanna go on about it but ive had KK vs AK vs JJ J hits on flop. Had sum tool push on a flop of K33 i had JJ he turns over A9 and rivers his A, then to finish me off have 9 10 flop comes 6 7 8 he pushes all in i call he shows AK suited and it comes runner runner flush. pure piss take.

So me and online poker are through, for the time being until i find the time to be honest the i can be arsed`ness to play.

Laters all, thanks for reading all these weeks not too sure where to go from here tbh.

Same old Same old

Yup now i know why i dont like mansion, just action flops all the time

had 77 raised got one caller flop 5 7 8 i check he bets i raise he pushes all in i figure surely you havent called with 6 9, so i call and he shows 8 8 turn and river dont help me.

Then i have 66 on board of 3 4 5 i bet flop he raises so i figure i got outs not many i know but thinking hes holding Ak or somthing like that i push he calls with QQ doh! miss again on turn and river.

So i decided to shut up shop and go back to what i know, Betfair, played a few hours today sat with $40 and have run that upto around $200, not a bad start playing 25c 50c

Saturday, 24 November 2007

Random Night / New Beginning

Not posted in a while coz i couldnt be bothered but just been proper off poker at the moment, just getting sick beat after sick beat playing online. Whcih resulted in my leaving the Badbeat Trader Programme

So went down to Rileys with a couple of the lads from work and again it was a random night, I have to say this is the worst ive played in a while, playing with hands that should have been thrown, calling with rubbish. Then i got fortunate after some tit decided to place a straddle bet in, the rest of the table including myself wasnt too sure what was kicking off, but everyone played on so i thought id teach him a lesson and just push with any 2 cards see what he did. got KJ and duley pushed, got one caller and the bloke who straddled call aswell, they turn em over original caller has 4 2 o/s other bloke has 5 6 o/s, now this wasnt a small bet by me i had pushed £15 in and was called twice!

anyways flop comes 5 6 8 turn 9 river 7 splitting the pot 3 ways. The bloke who called with 5 6 saw his arse and left the table to join another game, pmsl wtf is he doing calling with 5 6 o/s for £15 in a 25p 50p game?

I didnt have many good hands in truth only real pay off was i limp with 9 10 suited couple of callers, flop comes 10 10 Q everyone checks it to me, i bet the pot around £2ish and its instantly raised i re raise he pushes all in and call im thinking shit higher 10? QQ? nope he turns over Q 6 and misses both the turn and river

So decided im gonna go back to the site i was on while doing the Badbeat thing and see if i can beat it, i figure i can i think i played badly due to the amount of hours i HAD to play, just took all the fun out of it for me. So started back on today see how i get on

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Online Poker is BENT

Ive seen some morons in my time but this lad takes the biscuit.

Look at this hand for a starter


He is holding A6 here btw not sure why its not showing it

Then this one


The retard is holding 9 9 here wtf is the call on the flop about?

Then this just to piss me right off!


The cock bag is holding K J

Pure piss take!

Friday, 16 November 2007

Finally A Winner!

Had a winning night last night for a change,

Started played online and ran $50 upt $240 before leaving and going to join the fishays at Rileys

I wasnt going to go until MKD told i couldnt afford not to go!

And he was right

first double up was my JJ against an awful bluff on a 8 high board i push he calls and shows A3 doubled me upto £40

Then it was what can only be described as Car Crash Poker from then on in, i had AK bloke who was at it all night raises to £4 i re raise to £10 flop come J 4 8 hes first to act and slams all in for £70 i thought about it and thought better of calling as i could put my money in a better spot. I fold he shows me 9 3 o/s they then decide to rabbit hunt and the turn is 9 river 3, Wp u moron

Very next hand have J9 suited in SB flop comes Jh 9h 2d i bet bloke raises i push he shows Q3 hearts he hits on turn Kh wp fish

Was down to £15 so had to rebuy for another £15

Few hands later the bluffer raises £4 another raises to £8 now normally i wouldnt think twice about throwing PPs away but i was at the fishiest table i swear it smelt of cod! thats how bad these people were, looked down and had 10 10 so i decide to push pre flop everyone folds and original bluffer thinks about it and calls , raiser thinks about it and says you must have a PP but im pot commited so i call aswell,

its my 10 10 vs 9 9 vs A2, i mean A2 wtf are you hoping to hit? flop comes down K 10 4 nicely! river is a scary J now im certain there is going to come a queen on the river to help these fish the rivers dealt and its...... the 10 get in!! Quads for GB and a nice £80 to boot!

not many more hands to talk about apart from the foooool bluffer who again tried to bluff and lost his entire stack of around £100 on a board of K K 10 4 J he tried to bluff with J 2 and was called by AA

Got back home around 1am ish and booted up a table or two sat with $50 on each doubled up on both and logged off after about an hour with $300 not a bad nights work,

Wednesday, 14 November 2007

And the Slump Goes On

i was sure today would be the day id turn it round,

Yet again i get upto $150 and bossing the table and again it all goes Pete Tong,

In the space of about 20 hands i went from table big stack to busto

started off so well as you can see here


Then these,


In fairness looking back though i played the previous hand awful but i didnt put him on Q i was certain he had AK, AJ and was sure if he had JJ he would fold to a raise i was wrong!

then to finish me off this one, again looking over it again the pre flop raise should have given away he was strong, but again i just had a feeling i was infront i was sure for some reason he had KK
but here goes....


So my plan of shit or bust has come back to bite me in the arse,

Tuesday, 13 November 2007


Lol should have known better, finally a night where im winning took my $50 utpo $100 and decided right enough for now, sat out,

Came back after talking to our lass in the kitchen and sat back in for a couple more hands until the $100 + $8 tourny started, first hand back QQ early raise to $5 from $1 i re raise he calls

Flop comes 5 8 10, he checks i bet pot which is around $10 / $15 he minimum re raises i decide surely winning, to push there and then, he insta calls and turns over AA turn comes J river K ah bugger ah well just goes in line with the past few days least i didnt get outdrawn this time

Monday, 12 November 2007

One Big Fucking Joke

Yet again ive been robbed by the fking fish at 50c $1, i swear this is the worst for fish these dicks will call with anything they call with suited cards coz it looks pretty or sum bollocks like that.

3 hands did me in tonight. in a very short space of time.

firstly short stack raises to $3 i re raise to $9 with AQ he calls flop comes A 2 4 i check to check raise him, and the fish bites he bets $5 i raise him all in for the other $6 he calls and sure as eggs is eggs he turns over A2 i mean wtf?

Then very next hand i have another short stack with $20 arrive at the table ive got $65ish at this point, i get QQ, the short stack raises to $3 so no messing around i push there and then expecting an insta fold, but no he calls i think shit AA? KK? nope he turns over K7 hearts, flop comes K 2 10 4 7 what a piss take knocks me down to $45

couple of hands later on BB minium raise to $2 to me everyone else calls i have A7 not a cracking hand so i just call, get an amazing flop of 7 7 2 i check it goes bet $5, call $5, raise to $10 then back to me to act so i slam for for $40ish it then goes fold fold bloke thinks about it for a second and calls and turns over 33 i was like WTF! he has 2 outs! turn comes 5 river 3 what a fucking joke firstly how the fuck can he raise a paired board with an under pair secondly how can he call an all in with an underpair?

Its just a fucking joke the amount of luck these twats are getting

Saturday, 10 November 2007

What a Fucking Joke

past 3 days been playing 50c $1 and there are more fucking fish there than a fucking trout farm, both days doubled up my $100 only to get fucking robbed on 3 hands

Day 1, AA flop comes A 8 9 Bet flop $12 he raises i slam all in he calls in a flash, turns over KQ turn 10 river J well played you fucking moron

Day 2, again double up to $200 flop straight 5 6 7 i have 8 9 only for the dick to push all in on flop with AK suited an comes runner runner flush

Day 3, K 9 flop comes k 9 2 bet $20 he calls, turn 4 bet $40 he raises i slam all in, he turns over A4 river comes A


Thursday, 8 November 2007


Not played much poker to be honest, Was our lasses graduation yesterday so no poker last night full family round letting off some fireworks, top nite!

Going away with the missus upto hers but taking the laptop so should hopefully get some hours in, not doing too bad after a nightmare start on the Badbeat thing as you can see from this graph.

Not bad $430ish in profit and with just under a month to go setting my target around the same again i think $700 - $800 should see me right onto $200 a day, then hopefully move on from there in time.

Anyways best be off i feel a road trip about to start! Anyways if your reading this Dennan or Cheesebarrow get back to work you pair of skivers!

Saturday, 3 November 2007

Tourny Sucess / Missed Chances

Cashed in a $20 freezeout last night for $484, which is good i suppose just i know i could have finished 2nd, got knocked out in 3rd with 56k in chips by stupidly taking on the chip leader who was raising with any 2 cards, so i call his bet, and hit top pair on the board, he puts a small bet in and i slam over the top, think i had 7 8 suited board comes 2 8 4 i slam he calls and turns over J 8 just my luck!

Only one thing annoyed me is that the bloke who finished up in 2nd only had 7k in chips when i bust out, and he got $700 for second, which pissed me off abit!

Ah well atleast it gets me to some sort of profit for this badbeat thing. Just not too sure how much though