Thursday, 8 November 2007


Not played much poker to be honest, Was our lasses graduation yesterday so no poker last night full family round letting off some fireworks, top nite!

Going away with the missus upto hers but taking the laptop so should hopefully get some hours in, not doing too bad after a nightmare start on the Badbeat thing as you can see from this graph.

Not bad $430ish in profit and with just under a month to go setting my target around the same again i think $700 - $800 should see me right onto $200 a day, then hopefully move on from there in time.

Anyways best be off i feel a road trip about to start! Anyways if your reading this Dennan or Cheesebarrow get back to work you pair of skivers!

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Smoothplease said...

Hi geez, ive tagged you. Look at my blog for more details.