Saturday, 22 March 2008

So So Sick

I now remember why i left 32Red in the first place, why is it hindsight is a wonderful thing?

I knew i should have cashed out when i reached $300 but i had to play one more hand, Got dealt QQ raised it up to $5 playing 50c $1 and clicked sit out next hand, a guy who had just been beaten in a sick beat himself slams all in for $38ish everyone folds back to me i call and because of 32Reds software it doesnt show you their hands right away, Flop brings 3 4 9 , 10 river A and what does this donkey turn over A5 well played u plum.

Anyways went out for a meal with the missus came back and fired up what i had left in my account about $240 so two tables of 50c $1 catch sum drunken fishees. Get dealt KK raise it up to $6 get 1 caller flop comes J 4 8 he bets the pot i figure at best he has a J so re pop to 3 times the pot he thinks and slams now ive got to call the remainder and he shows AJ, get in i thought turn As, Piss take number 1

Almost at the same time on another table get dealt Jh10h minimum raise to $2 Sb fold i call flop comes J 10 2 he bets the pot again and i figure him for AJ or over pair so decide again to pump it up 4times pot this time he again wastes no time and slams i call and he shows QQ, again i was like yes! turn brings 6h all looking good so far and the river 6s what a fucking piss take number 2 runner runner higher two pair.

I wish id logged off there but the pride kicked in i will win this money back!, so dip into the account and fire up two tables of 50c $1 with $100 on each at this point i was steaming mad i really should have logged off but i was convinced i could do it!, get KQs in BB its raised to $4 3 people call i figure ive odds to call and its not the worst hand, especially when the flop brings K Q 4 the original raiser bets the pot and a short shack pushes for $5 more i think do i milk it or slam here and decide sod it im enough down already and slam other guy folds oringal raiser calls turn 2 river 2 i was thinking not again surely??? yep original raiser shows AA and other guy shows A2 i flop 2 pair and come last how the fuck did that happen?

meanwhile on the other table i get AA and a guy has already pushed all in infront of me i was noticing this alot tonight they would push $50 pre flop so i re raise all in over the top everyone else folds, flop brings K 4 5 turn 3 river K and he shows K 10 o/s i just couldnt belive it, what a fucking piss take all round,

Decide to take one more shot at 50c $1 and deposit another $100

Nothing really to note apart from anotehr sick outdraw when its QQ vs QQ and he hits runner runner flush to give him the last of my money,

Now i know why i left 32red and why its referred to as Red Thirty Jew!

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Onward and Upward

Started the night with a tough decision to cash out or not to cash out that is the question!, but alas i bottled it and cashed out $500 of my current roll, leaving me with $250 a little short for 25c 50c games i know but i feel the way im hitting cards at the mo, its enough. Also had a quick check to see my stats on my site and from the day my account started the figures are as follows,

Deposited - $2,585.55
Withdrawn- $5,234.89
Profit / Loss = $2649.34

Amount Wagered - $104,542.45

To last nights action, not as many maniacs about last night as there was over the weekend, well pleased with the 10,000 people seated thought makes a change from the 3000 you get on $hitfair.

Not many hands to talk of to be honest, I remember setting a guy all in with a set only for him to hit runner runner flush he was holding KK on a board 4 5 9 i had 9 9 all the money was in on the flop. very next hand im left with $20 get AK and re raise a small raise donk to the left of me calls as does another. Flop comes A K 4 i push they both call, turn is a spade and river another spade, they check it down and he flips over Q8 spades for the runner runner flush again!, and his excuse? "sorry i was playing 6 tables and clicked to call on another and called you all in by mistake".

But never the less i carried on and soon took the majority of his $120 stack when i flopped a set of QQQ against his A8 on a board that read A Q 10 8 10,

Then shortly after this i take the remaining $70 with 2 2 as he slow plays AA pre flop to let me see a board of 2 5 9 all the money is on the flop and my set of 2`s holds up!

A quick note to say well done to AL J the big fish for scooping $1600 in the tourny last nite,

Current roll from $25 freebie = $350 ($500 cashed out)

Sunday, 16 March 2008

Eventful Weekend.

Nice to see the run of good cards and big hands holding up, was building the roll nicely upto around $450 before last nights / this mornings play.

Was up a couple of buyins so decided to leave it for a while and go watch MOTD, came back and figured there was a high chance there would be a few pi$$ed up fish on at this time so logged back on and played a little 50c $1, not many hands to remember apart from one just before i logged off, i think maybe i should have raised more pre to be honest, but in saying that i may have lost a customer. Then again this fish was pushing with nothing and getting called every other hand he must have done in $200+ in the time i was there

I had 77 raise to $4 from mid position, get two callers in SB and BB flop comes 8d 10h 2h i make a continuation bet the size of the pot around $15 SB folds BB calls, Turn 7s i bet pot he insta pushes, i figure he cant have called with J 9 to a pre flop raise surely? after much deliberation i put him on Ah ?h so call and he shows 3h 4h ( right suit wrong cards) luckily the river is As and i get a nice $350 pot.

After that called it a night as it was getting pretty late, fired up a couple of tables of 25c 50c today again up a couple of buyins early on and then another pivotal hand, again vs the table maniac.

KQs raise to $4 he calls rest of the table folds, now this guy was making some serious plays and was calling people down with nothing to the river. flop comes 9 10 3 he bets $2 i figure he has hit nothing and try and take the pot down with a x3 raise, he calls instantly which worries me. turn J giving me the nuts he insta bets the pot i raise he pushes and i call he shows Q 8 for the lower straight and again i ship in another $250 pot.

Current Roll

From $25 freebie - $775.37 in 3 days play.

Edit: shame not everything can run so good as me at the mo, Cas got hammered on Saturday night awful awful display boys!

Saturday, 15 March 2008

Change of Tactic Me thinks.....

Ok well plan A didnt seem to go too well so i figured it was time for a change,

So after much thought i decided to move away from Betfair, and moved to another site i used to play at. It came out of the blue to be honest, i got an email from the poker director there and he asked if i fancied giving their new site another chance, so cheekily i agreed if he agreed to put some cash into my account to try it out which he duely did.

Got $50 now and another $50 when i reach a certain amount of raked hands, so been playing a few hands the past couple of days, and ive managed to run the $50 upto almost $500 so i think i may stick around for a while, the bonus aint too shabby either and they offer rakeback which is antoher bonus.

So will just see how this pans out and see what i can make in the next few days, anythings a bonus i guess given the money i got was for nothing!

Monday, 3 March 2008

Way To kick you when your down!

Got my rake back for the month and to be honest wished i hadnt of bothered,

From the very first hand i got shafted over and over again, sometimes i wonder why i bother, i had my KK beaten by Q8 all in pre flop he rivers the flush.

My 1010 all in pre one calls with K 4 suited and again rivers his runner runnner flush.

and to top it off was this one let me know what you think.

And to top it off i get in from work and the fking ceiling in our bathroom has come in fking awesome!