Saturday, 22 March 2008

So So Sick

I now remember why i left 32Red in the first place, why is it hindsight is a wonderful thing?

I knew i should have cashed out when i reached $300 but i had to play one more hand, Got dealt QQ raised it up to $5 playing 50c $1 and clicked sit out next hand, a guy who had just been beaten in a sick beat himself slams all in for $38ish everyone folds back to me i call and because of 32Reds software it doesnt show you their hands right away, Flop brings 3 4 9 , 10 river A and what does this donkey turn over A5 well played u plum.

Anyways went out for a meal with the missus came back and fired up what i had left in my account about $240 so two tables of 50c $1 catch sum drunken fishees. Get dealt KK raise it up to $6 get 1 caller flop comes J 4 8 he bets the pot i figure at best he has a J so re pop to 3 times the pot he thinks and slams now ive got to call the remainder and he shows AJ, get in i thought turn As, Piss take number 1

Almost at the same time on another table get dealt Jh10h minimum raise to $2 Sb fold i call flop comes J 10 2 he bets the pot again and i figure him for AJ or over pair so decide again to pump it up 4times pot this time he again wastes no time and slams i call and he shows QQ, again i was like yes! turn brings 6h all looking good so far and the river 6s what a fucking piss take number 2 runner runner higher two pair.

I wish id logged off there but the pride kicked in i will win this money back!, so dip into the account and fire up two tables of 50c $1 with $100 on each at this point i was steaming mad i really should have logged off but i was convinced i could do it!, get KQs in BB its raised to $4 3 people call i figure ive odds to call and its not the worst hand, especially when the flop brings K Q 4 the original raiser bets the pot and a short shack pushes for $5 more i think do i milk it or slam here and decide sod it im enough down already and slam other guy folds oringal raiser calls turn 2 river 2 i was thinking not again surely??? yep original raiser shows AA and other guy shows A2 i flop 2 pair and come last how the fuck did that happen?

meanwhile on the other table i get AA and a guy has already pushed all in infront of me i was noticing this alot tonight they would push $50 pre flop so i re raise all in over the top everyone else folds, flop brings K 4 5 turn 3 river K and he shows K 10 o/s i just couldnt belive it, what a fucking piss take all round,

Decide to take one more shot at 50c $1 and deposit another $100

Nothing really to note apart from anotehr sick outdraw when its QQ vs QQ and he hits runner runner flush to give him the last of my money,

Now i know why i left 32red and why its referred to as Red Thirty Jew!

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