Thursday, 5 March 2009

Severe Lack of Updates

Evening all,

Not sure if anyone actually reads this anymore but here goes, what have i been upto?

Not much poker is the first answer hence the lack of updates, had the odd £10er here and there but nowt major and no real scores to talk off, having said that i did finish around £200 up for Feb which wasnt too bad i guess.

Went to the casino for one of the lads birthdays was a top night, played abit of roulette and black jack, but was waiting til the cash tarbs opened up and it was juicy than juicy fruit chewing gum i tell ya, had a mad russian to my left who was happy to bang em with any two, caught him once when i slow played my KK vs 2 7 on board of K 4 2, only played like 5 hands all night one badly others ok ish see what u think.

QQ its raised to £3 to me playing 50p £1, i re raise to £9 get two callers, im thinkin no A and im golden first card down A 10 5 so i check to see what action they bring, they both check behind me ffs im deffo infront gotta be, turn 7 and the donk who was last to act gives off the biggest tell ive ever seen in my life pretends to hate the turn looks away and cant hide his full on boner under the table, i check thinking someone is slow playing AK AQ guy bets and boner bloke re raises im deffo done here and pass, other guy bangs and boner guy calls quicker than he prob jizzed his pants, first guy shows 88 boner shows 77 for set and takes the pot.

Other hands i had were KK, JJ, 33 and flop set ever time which wasnt too bad.

While ive been writing this ended up playing some PLO on Betfair with some rakeback ive been given and get one outered right here, you gotta laugh his play is so bad its untrue, have a look for yourself i will name them retard player