Thursday, 31 January 2008

Fcuking Shafted

Lol when they fking come they fking come dont they, Firstly been fking shafted over at work being moved into an office where i know exactly 0 people because aparantly my tasks are better suited to that team, how about get fucked!

And just took 3 beats one after another online playing pokes.

Shaftage 1

A10 hearts raise to $4 called by 2 players, flop comes 10c Jh 7h bet pot one caller turn 10d this time bet well over pot he thinks for ages and calls, river 4d i push for rest making it look like a steal ie; Missed flush draw, he calls and shows J 10 the fking slow playing sh£t house.

Reload very next hand AK suited sum numpty raises to $1 i re raise to $5 another bloke makes it $10 first raiser calls i slam for $45 total, he calls so does original bloke they show 66 and 77 i mean what the fuk?final board reads 4 4 Q Q 2

then final hand these are 3 hands straight after each other, get QQ raise to $5 re raised again by the numpty another bloke flat calls i slam for $45 total, re raiser folds and flat caller calls and shows AA well and truly ass fu£ked

Thanks Betfair!

Monday, 28 January 2008

Plodding On..

Played abit of pokes lately, trying to get my ass up the betfair leaderboard, running ok i guess at the minute.

Well i say that and then i had this one before, the sickest beat i have ever taken to be honest have a look for yourselves.
Sick Beat im just glad it was against a short stack thats all.

Had a home game Friday managed to finish 2nd in the £10 tourney and recover from an early loss in the cash game twice running my AQ into AK and running my 88 all in steal against AA, although i did make one cracking lay down, flopping top 2 and working out i was behind to a flopped straight.

After cashing out previous roll started again and current roll stands at $353

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Or does it?

After my horror show earlier on i decided to sit out for a while and regroup, didnt do much good to be honest!

Only about half an hour after having a sick beat put on me, i put an even worse one on some poor bloke for $290

I have AQ playing $1 $2 raise to $7 he calls flop comes Q 2 7 he bets $15 i figure hes bluffing so pump it up to $60 odd he thinks about it and calls, Turn comes Q now im hoping more than anything hes called with AA or KK but why would he just flat call my raise? surely he would push there and then? he insta pushes on the turn for $130, how can the Q have helped him? Same hand? i call for my remaining $70 he shows the one of the few hands i didnt want to see 2 2, Shit!
Quickly work out any A Q or 7 and she arrives on the river a nice lovley looking laydeeee Quad Queens!! Sick sick beat and so so fortunate!

Then played the betfair 100k freeroll and cashed, well i say cashed i qualified for the next round on Saturday!

And it all comes crashing down!

Fuck me i thought lightning couldnt strike in the same place twice? i got the fucker 4 times on in the same session!

First hand stupid play by me AJ vs A8 suited he flops flush id seen him bluff a few ppl off figured he was at it again nope!

Next 77 runs into AA another one bites the dust!

AQ suited all in pre called by A9 o/s final board reads A Q 9 2 9 $50 more gone

then this Fucking Cunt of a hand,

Player 1 raises my BB to $3 i call with J Q player 2 calls,

Flop A K 10 = Flopped nuts! i check Player one bets $4 Player 2 Calls $4 i re raise to $12 they both call

Turn = 2 = Still got nuts! i bet $25 they both call again

River = K = Oh for fuck sake! i bet $30 Player 1 raises to $60 player 2 calls i call

Player 1 shows AK Full house
Player 2 shows AQ Fuck All
I show Straight

$280 pot up the fking shitter

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Mighty Leeds! and few random hands

Well i promised id do it so well done mr Al J for tipping Leeds last night and Beckford to score first shame i just put him to score eh? either way £80 is £80

They are far too good for that league it was like men against boys!

Anyways have been hitting a nice few fair sized pots see what you all think - Gotta Love them Cowboys! - Only played this coz he was a complete donk, and loose as you like! Knew he didnt have much on the river - What a flop for this hand, not sure about my call pre flop i have a liking for suited connectors my weakness i suppose. - Behind pre flop to miles infront on the flop - My Weakness again,

I know it seems like im just putting up the hands i win but in truth im not really losing much if at all from my last ten sessions the most ive lost at one table is $25 the rest are +$110, +$140.

Thanks for reading and long may this run continue!

Oh also played in the £1.5k rebuy on betfair tonight ran well early on but went card dead and called a short stack all in with KQ right before the break he shows 77 and fills up on the river, first hand after break i get 66 push with short stack bloke to left calls with 9 9 all over rover! finished in 20th
Cashed another $400 tonight meaning my winnings for the month so far are $1,780. From my initial $50 not bad at all!

Sunday, 13 January 2008

Another Day Another Cash

Tell ya what i dont know what ive done to be running this well but its ace im getting it in with the best of it and my hands are holding.

After deciding to cash my roll of $400 in the other day i thought id start a fresh and see what i could do with another £10 and see what i could run it upto, well after day 1 the figure stood around $100 and today after an afternoon session on the cyber felt it was at $350

here are a couple of notable hands from the afternoon.

Hand 1 JJ vs 77 vs A8 Was certain was infront but you never can be too sure

Hand 2 Dont think i played this particulary well but still managed to extract the cash!

Hand 3 Nice start to a new table!

So that was the afternoon session, After which i decided to cash out £150 and leave the rest on there about £20 or so.

The evening session was more than a little eventful, i got very very lucky! on this one, i would have apolagised to the guy but my chat isnt working right now, "Old Man River"

But Just to show its not all being going my way heres one i wish id played differently "Awful Push" looking back i should have gotten away from this on the turn but unfortuantely i didnt and left myself with $5 although i stuck it out got 2 double ups from non belivers and im currently on $75 again

Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Winning Becoming A Habit?

Tell ya this winning lark is becoming a habit and to be honest i love it!

Was stuck early on for around $50 mainly due to some donk play by me trying to bluff 2 players who both had me beat from the off.

But then i hit a nice $134 dollar pot with AJ vs K10 vs 810 on a final board of J 9 8 5 2 figured they were both on the draw and i was right! luckily neither of them hit but then why is 8 10 o/s calling a $4 raise in first position?

Cant really remember many hands to be honest, think this is the best ive been playing in a while to be honest and long may it continue!!

Current Roll $371.12 with $500 safely tucked away

Note:- After deciding to play some mad flipping on betfair PLO current roll is $407

Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Whats that coming over the hill.....? Is it a Monster?

Seems the good old lady luck hasnt deserted me as soon as i thought, shes still around and good looking as ever!

After i was almost killed off by the sick outdraws i recieved earlier i tried my last £20 on my account and 25c 50c table full ring table which i dont normally play, i noticed this table was full of poor players even by my standards they were poor!

I took a few little pots down nowt too major then there was this one that looking back i may have been a little fortunate, but let me know what you think. Flush vs Set vs Tit all Fishing.

Then the very same fish who had called with nothing a couple of hands before did so again, and this happend Flushy, looking back at the hand how could he think he was winning?

So after cashing out i was left with $50, and after the last bit of play tonight the new revised roll is $168.59 after cashing out $500 before.


Oh it started so well one of the first hands i flop a straight flush, and get paid off by 3 players nice $30 pot, took my roll to $600 or there abouts, And thats where all the good news ends,

3 times i was shafted, everytime im on the BB flop a straight and end up all in on the flop holding the stone cold nuts 3 times in a row, only for them to either a fh on the turn on the river or like the last one when i limped with 2 4 and the flop comes 3 5 6 player A bets the pot player B calls i move over the top for 4x initial bet, they both call, turn comes 6 they both check i figure neither has a full house, so push only to be called by both of them A shows K6 B shows A6 river comes 3 for them both to beat me, what a fking joke!

But luckily i had decided i would cash out £250 and just leave myself with $50 dollars ish what i started with basically, so not bad for a weeks work £250 notes just seems everything i do now im getting shafted left right and centre, guess ive used up all my good luck already this week, ah well thats the variance of poker for ya

Monday, 7 January 2008

Good Day Off

Not a bad monday to be fair, had a nice lazy day went for my hair cut and played sum pokes,

Not many major hands in my first session to be honest i had this nice one against a guy i had been whinding up for a while, he said the only reason he did it was because it was me, NICE!!

As i said had a lazy day tidied up this hole seen as weve just had a major clear out so threw loads away. Came back on the pokes tonite and a nice fish sat down so i thought id join him at abit of $1 $2 sat with the minimum and only played solid hands first was this one nice ladies, then out of nowhere AP McCoy sits down to my left, not sure if its the real jockey Tony Mccoy but ive been told by numerous people it is, anyways this unfolded, GB vs Jockey.

Called it a night after that, back to work in the morning.

Current Roll - $545.91

Sunday, 6 January 2008

Shakey Start Nice End Though!

Started off badly played awful with my first $25 and quickly lost that, mainly due to retarded play by me!

So moved tables and started a fresh sat with $50 didnt really move from that until this complete cold decker basically . $104 pot

decided to reload and plug away and doubled back up almost instantly, all the while i had entered the $5.50 tourney 105 runners im kinda gutted about the result to be honest i should have won it, down to the last three i have 130k in chips other two have 20k but a couple of hands later i knock 3rd out QQ vs 82 an attempted bluff he told me. then heads up he was push or fold first hand i get A10 and call instantly only for him to show AQ next is 55 vs his 44 all in pre flop K Q 4 so now we are back to even, then i push with A6 he calls with A10 and its all over, still i suppose 2nd is better than nothing eh?

Current Roll = $416

Saturday, 5 January 2008

Nice looking table that

ah thats a nice looking leaderboard, just hope i can keep it up for the rest of the month!
Update: Just finished playing roll now on $350

Plugging Away....

Was happily grinding away at 5c 10c limits until my player list flashed up and id tagged an absolute donk who plays higher tables and as i was up on the past few days i thought id give it a go.

I know its not very good bank roll management but i put everything i had on a $1 $2 table

Heres a few hands some good and one absolute joke, the first was a nice bluff against the table donk / fish, think it was more than obvious he was on the draw, luckily for me he missed it!.

This hand was an absolute joke, but looking back i guess after he bluffed he had to call any bet that i made, still even tho it was an absolute donk of a play judge for yourselves how bad this is.

After that hand i saw my arse a little bit and started playing major aggresive, the next hand was a bad call pre flop and an iffy call on the flop but figured i had outs.

Then still feeling hard done to i had this beauty looking back i was more than a little fortunate and told the guy as much after the hand, so heres the lucky one.

So after a short spell against the donk ive currently got a roll of $280

Friday, 4 January 2008

Day 3 And it Goes On.....

On the third day of our challange thingy, seems to be going pretty well. played two tables tonight finished up on $74 on one table and $31 on the other both 5c 10c and started with $5 on each.

Was going to put some hands up on here but seems i hadnt activated hand histories on betfair so it missed everything

Current roll stands at $191.70

Thursday, 3 January 2008

Footbball vs Rugby

After a discussion in the office just before christmas, about how football has become a girls sport and the only true british mans game is Rugby, i thought id highlight this with the following image to the right here >>>> Need i say anymore boys?

Oh an update on the poker front current roll stands at $130.37

New Year New Start

A belated happy new year all, not really played much poker over christmas think i got a couple of hours in here and there but nothing major,

So decided its the start of a new year and that i would take the poker more seriously than before as sometimes ive been known to donk off chips at an alarming rate and other times i play like Helmuth with X ray vision.

Was talking to a few lads in the office and we are gonna take up a month challange to start off with, everyone starts with $50 and you play for one month with correct BRM and see how much you make at the end of it, if it seems a good idea i might make it my challange for 2008 turn $50 into $5000 would be a reasonable effort i reckon.

Started yesterday and played some 5c 10c and turned a nice profit of around $15 - $20 not bad for a first day, As it stands at the mo after i got £15 from rakeback for last month so i have around $90 not a bad effort.