Saturday, 5 January 2008

Plugging Away....

Was happily grinding away at 5c 10c limits until my player list flashed up and id tagged an absolute donk who plays higher tables and as i was up on the past few days i thought id give it a go.

I know its not very good bank roll management but i put everything i had on a $1 $2 table

Heres a few hands some good and one absolute joke, the first was a nice bluff against the table donk / fish, think it was more than obvious he was on the draw, luckily for me he missed it!.

This hand was an absolute joke, but looking back i guess after he bluffed he had to call any bet that i made, still even tho it was an absolute donk of a play judge for yourselves how bad this is.

After that hand i saw my arse a little bit and started playing major aggresive, the next hand was a bad call pre flop and an iffy call on the flop but figured i had outs.

Then still feeling hard done to i had this beauty looking back i was more than a little fortunate and told the guy as much after the hand, so heres the lucky one.

So after a short spell against the donk ive currently got a roll of $280

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