Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Mighty Leeds! and few random hands

Well i promised id do it so well done mr Al J for tipping Leeds last night and Beckford to score first shame i just put him to score eh? either way £80 is £80

They are far too good for that league it was like men against boys!

Anyways have been hitting a nice few fair sized pots see what you all think

http://www.pokerhand.org/?1945699 - Gotta Love them Cowboys!

http://www.pokerhand.org/?1945711 - Only played this coz he was a complete donk, and loose as you like! Knew he didnt have much on the river

http://www.pokerhand.org/?1945717 - What a flop for this hand, not sure about my call pre flop i have a liking for suited connectors my weakness i suppose.

http://www.pokerhand.org/?1945723 - Behind pre flop to miles infront on the flop

http://www.pokerhand.org/?1945733 - My Weakness again,

I know it seems like im just putting up the hands i win but in truth im not really losing much if at all from my last ten sessions the most ive lost at one table is $25 the rest are +$110, +$140.

Thanks for reading and long may this run continue!

Oh also played in the £1.5k rebuy on betfair tonight ran well early on but went card dead and called a short stack all in with KQ right before the break he shows 77 and fills up on the river, first hand after break i get 66 push with short stack bloke to left calls with 9 9 all over rover! finished in 20th
Cashed another $400 tonight meaning my winnings for the month so far are $1,780. From my initial $50 not bad at all!

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