Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Winning Becoming A Habit?

Tell ya this winning lark is becoming a habit and to be honest i love it!

Was stuck early on for around $50 mainly due to some donk play by me trying to bluff 2 players who both had me beat from the off.

But then i hit a nice $134 dollar pot with AJ vs K10 vs 810 on a final board of J 9 8 5 2 figured they were both on the draw and i was right! luckily neither of them hit but then why is 8 10 o/s calling a $4 raise in first position?

Cant really remember many hands to be honest, think this is the best ive been playing in a while to be honest and long may it continue!!

Current Roll $371.12 with $500 safely tucked away

Note:- After deciding to play some mad flipping on betfair PLO current roll is $407

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