Thursday, 31 January 2008

Fcuking Shafted

Lol when they fking come they fking come dont they, Firstly been fking shafted over at work being moved into an office where i know exactly 0 people because aparantly my tasks are better suited to that team, how about get fucked!

And just took 3 beats one after another online playing pokes.

Shaftage 1

A10 hearts raise to $4 called by 2 players, flop comes 10c Jh 7h bet pot one caller turn 10d this time bet well over pot he thinks for ages and calls, river 4d i push for rest making it look like a steal ie; Missed flush draw, he calls and shows J 10 the fking slow playing sh£t house.

Reload very next hand AK suited sum numpty raises to $1 i re raise to $5 another bloke makes it $10 first raiser calls i slam for $45 total, he calls so does original bloke they show 66 and 77 i mean what the fuk?final board reads 4 4 Q Q 2

then final hand these are 3 hands straight after each other, get QQ raise to $5 re raised again by the numpty another bloke flat calls i slam for $45 total, re raiser folds and flat caller calls and shows AA well and truly ass fu£ked

Thanks Betfair!

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