Monday, 25 February 2008

One Beat Too Many For Me

I know what people say and its true you do remember the beats people put on you more than you remember the ones you put on others. and this i know in my case is so very true, but today i started a new site with the advice from Amatay didnt realise however when the promotion says ones month it actually means calander month and not a month from when you deposit!, which meant i would have to play 4000 hand in 4 days so i gave up on that idea for this month.

Went back to Betfair sat down at a table and was dealt shit after shit, then this:

Basically for those who cant view this site at work..

I get AA raise to $4 get called twice flop comes K Q 2 they check i decide to try and take it down here so make a massive over bet of $28 one caller, now im thinking yes ive got you here, he checks the turn which is 3 i push all in and he thinks for a while before calling with Q 4 off suit, and whats the river yup another Q sick isnt the word!

I knew i was well infront on the flop because of the way the same player played an earlier hand where he called all his chips on a 3 outer gut shot.

So ive decided that its time for a self imposed break, after all i have far more important things to spend my money on instead of getting sick beats like this.

So thats me done.

Friday, 22 February 2008

Runing Golden

Somthing really sick happend tonight and its been happening everytime ive had this hand. Had QQ early on and ran it into AA lost $25 of my $50, not un common you might think. until i tell you that i had QQ 7 times in the past two days and every time they been against AA or KK

Check these out.....These are four of the 7 times it happend

Sat down at another table with my last $30 and built it up to a nice $300

Here a few hands some were very fortunate but thought i played some very nicely

Flopped top two and figured i had to be infront.

This i thought i played awfully, the only reason i call the flop bet is it looks weak to me that he had AK or AQ, turn a flush draw and river set
This again was more than a little fortunate, but i figured he slightly tilted by the previous hand im not laying it down on the flop and turn is the bingo card!

Here again i call a raise and figure i have the big stack and can try and bully the table not too sure what the guy is hoping to hit when he pushes though

Friday, 15 February 2008

So Near.... Yet So Far

Morning All,

Sorry to dissapoint those of you who thought i was dead, nah just not had the $$$ to play at the minute ran badly a couple of weeks ago and with bills and other things to pay for didnt play.

Played in the freeroll Betfair set up for the increasing amount of outage their site has seen over the past month its been ridiculous to be honest.

in the beginning of this i will admit i didnt not take it seriously at all there were 1500 runners and to be honest i couldnt be arsed, so i let the missus play it. at the first break i was chip leader with 30k was there or there abouts, until this lil fker. Sick River

Left me with 2k in chips with blinds at 100 / 200 wasnt looking good but i got a nice double up and got to the 2nd break with 5k in chips, took it steady and built it back up to 150k again having AA KK and flopped str8 all after each other.

Then after 3rd break going in as chip leader with 200k pushed all in with 10 10 guy called with A5 suited flopped his flush draw and hit it on turn, from then on didnt really see many hands apart from this sickener was certain it was a double up for sure!

But alas it wasnt to be finally pushed here with just over 100k with A3 into AK on a board of A K 3 and that was me out in 15th not bad £90 better off but a little more luck and i was looking at $5000 shame! Ah well theres always sunday.