Friday, 22 February 2008

Runing Golden

Somthing really sick happend tonight and its been happening everytime ive had this hand. Had QQ early on and ran it into AA lost $25 of my $50, not un common you might think. until i tell you that i had QQ 7 times in the past two days and every time they been against AA or KK

Check these out.....These are four of the 7 times it happend

Sat down at another table with my last $30 and built it up to a nice $300

Here a few hands some were very fortunate but thought i played some very nicely

Flopped top two and figured i had to be infront.

This i thought i played awfully, the only reason i call the flop bet is it looks weak to me that he had AK or AQ, turn a flush draw and river set
This again was more than a little fortunate, but i figured he slightly tilted by the previous hand im not laying it down on the flop and turn is the bingo card!

Here again i call a raise and figure i have the big stack and can try and bully the table not too sure what the guy is hoping to hit when he pushes though

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