Monday, 25 February 2008

One Beat Too Many For Me

I know what people say and its true you do remember the beats people put on you more than you remember the ones you put on others. and this i know in my case is so very true, but today i started a new site with the advice from Amatay didnt realise however when the promotion says ones month it actually means calander month and not a month from when you deposit!, which meant i would have to play 4000 hand in 4 days so i gave up on that idea for this month.

Went back to Betfair sat down at a table and was dealt shit after shit, then this:

Basically for those who cant view this site at work..

I get AA raise to $4 get called twice flop comes K Q 2 they check i decide to try and take it down here so make a massive over bet of $28 one caller, now im thinking yes ive got you here, he checks the turn which is 3 i push all in and he thinks for a while before calling with Q 4 off suit, and whats the river yup another Q sick isnt the word!

I knew i was well infront on the flop because of the way the same player played an earlier hand where he called all his chips on a 3 outer gut shot.

So ive decided that its time for a self imposed break, after all i have far more important things to spend my money on instead of getting sick beats like this.

So thats me done.

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Anders Damm Christensen said...

Just thought I wanted to give you a "GO GO GO, Cheer up mate - it'll turn around!"

Who knows, you might visit my blog one day - you might find some of the tools there usefull: