Wednesday, 31 October 2007

When its not your day its just not your day......

Not posted in a while, so thought id better get my finger out and let you know whats kicking off in the world of GB.

Had a good week last week, with the trip to Rileys and then Yang Towers friday, attempted to play some poker Saturday after the marathon 10 hour stint at Phils but it wasnt going too cracking so decided i was too tired to play

Had a few hours Sunday from what i can rememember wasnt too eventful no pots stick in my mind for that one, Played abit Monday think i donked all my money off Monday and then decided i would take Mikes advice and go blow off some steam in a $25 sit n go, took then down on Betfair so all the profit to me!

played yesterday and mananged to double up my hand thanks a few good hands was hitting everything yesterday straights, flushes and sets were holding up twas a good day indeed, then went on Betfair and played some PLO 50c $1 managed to take £20 upto £75 in about an hour.

How different today has been, played my usual 25c 50c on Mansion everthing was fine was just about even when this happend

JJ raise to $3 BB raises to $6 i call, flop comes 10c 4c 2h he checks the flop to me so i take it hes weak probably AQ AK low PP i bet $15 certain im infront, he raises me all in for my remaining $10 so i call thinking hmm surely not KK QQ AA????? possible flush draw i suppose.. then again i have the Jc he turns over AK turn comes 3 river brings A what a fcuking fish!

Few hands later i get 99 raise to $4 not expecting to get a caller but same guy calls again, flop comes Q jc 9c he bets $10 again i know full well im infront so i re raise all in he couldnt call fast enough, im thinking no surely he hasnt got K10 but no he shows AhQc i think at the time the odds flashed up and it was 85% - 15% if that to me, river comes 2c river yup another club then look over and see he has the fking Q of clubs what a fking joke pure piss take!

Then to top it off, i think i know i will stick some on the footy, i put the following on, 3 accumulators:

Rangers, Dundee Utd, Aberdeen, Celtic = 7.33 to 1 = the best team in this Celtic lose

Man City, Liverpool and Celtic = 4.89 to 1 = again Celtic cost me

then finally Everton, Arsenal and Blackburn, fking Luton take Everton into extra time = around 8.5 - 1 meaning they cost me a return of over £100 well done Gaz u nobber!!!!

Saturday, 27 October 2007

Lucky Gaz

Same form carried on from the previous couple of days last night,

Played the tournament £20 round at Yang Towers, got down to the last 4 due to a nice double up raised with AA one caller with 10 10, and another with KK pushes all in, i re raise over the top all in, and get 10 10 to fold, Luckily! as the flop comes 10 Q 6 Phew!! or we would have been both out, turn J leaving me to sweat on the river but i think it was a 2 or somthing.

Down to the last 4 was mainly push or fold after a quick pee, i come back to find all three players all in AQ vs AQ vs K8 both AQ split the pot, meaning im in the money, money back at least, again maily push or fold in the end i decided i was short stacked and fancied a gamble, and once again the luck was on my side, hitting a straight flush on the turn leaving Rob short stacked, Think soon it was heads up i had the chip lead but we played a couple of hands and decided to split the money £75 each to get on with the cash game.

Again into a cash game, and again i hit everything in sight! i think at one point i hit a set with every pocket pair i had, with this backfiring once, with a board of Q 2 4 checked flop to turn a set of 6`s on on turn, then 4 on river brings full house unfortunately Rob was holding QQ hitting the bigger FH, ah well cant win em all,

Cant remember many hands to be fair, although i paid KK of when i got to the turn with soooooooooooooooo many outs only to miss em all on river with Ac 10h, 8c Jc Qc 2h and river brings another blank somthing like a 5

Anyways all in all it was a good night walked away from Tourny £55 up and £55 up from cash game £110 profit to go with the £100 from the night before cant complain!

Although played abit online today and played the worst poker i have ever played in my life and subiquently donking off my $100 probably somthing to do wtih not getting in until 5am and being woken at 10am by the bloody post man!

Ah well try again tommorow

Thursday, 25 October 2007


Just played 6 hands on Mansion and made $50 niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice! Night all

Rileys Poker

You gotta love the place, im sure its just a breading ground for all the cod, sea bass and trout out there. I never have claimed to be good at this game we all play but my god these people couldnt spell poker!, let alone play it!

Played the usual tourny there £10 freezeout, not much action really knocked out in 12th when i got board and pushed all in with J 6 only for one lad to think for ages and even say i think youve got me beat as he turned over QQ, i even asked what the hell he was thinking about?

Anyways his QQ stands and its off to the cash game,

Sat down and folded a few hands then the deck literally hit me in the face, Big time!. The buyin was anyting between £10 and £30, bought in for £20 thanks Mike D.

Game was 50p £1 nice warm up for 2morra night!, Anyways holding AQ raise to £4 get three callers i was like wtf? flop comes Q Q 2, GET IN! i thought, checked it, bloke 1bets £2 other bloke calls i figure im well infront so just minium raise it, original bloke folds! lol £2 too rich for him obviously, other bloke calls, turn A i check again, he bets the pot about £20 i raise for what is about £2 more he turns over 10 10, send it!

Next hand holding 7 8 suited sees five people to flop, 7 6 2 i check raise him again this time bet is £10 raise to £20 he calls, turn comes 3 i slam there and then, he thinks for ages and calls the rest of what he has about £15 with........ A8 river comes K send it again!

the only hand of note i lost tonight was when i raise to £5 with AK sum tit with JQ calls, flop brings A 10 J, i bet out £10 he calls, turn K i check he checks right behind me, river 2 again i check hoping my 2 pair is good, he checks and shows JQ i was like wtf? first u call with JQ o/s then u check the nuts on the turn and river.

So all in all not a bad night £100 profit cant be sniffed at, just hoping for the same run tommorow night in the SL Open round at Yang Towers

Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Running Good at Last

Things seem to be on the up as far as the pokay is concerned, after talking to my mentor after the sick beats from the other night he reassured me that i wasnt doing much wrong and nowt i could do KK vs 22 and JJ vs AK was unlucky also.

Played yesterday not much of note to be honest not many hands stick out in my mind, maybe this one but it was routine,

Showed a profit of $83 so not too bad.

Played abit more tonight and it was another good night, im suprised at level of players on 25c 50c tables im sorry but some are just awful! as this hand shows. My fav hand J10, minimum raise to $1 playing 25c 50c, Flop 10 Q 10 i check guy bets $5 i raise to $15 he calls, turn comes 6 i bet pot $35 he slams all in for $50 total, i call he shows JQ river comes J to fill me up couldnt believe it.

Then very next hand i misclick and call a minimum raise with 9 2, flop comes Q 9 2 he bets $5 i push expecting him to fold unless he has bigger 2 pair or set, he turns over Q3, 9 on turn and hes drawing to a Q river comes 6. another $30 profit.

This is my current position in the trader thing the early dip seems to be behind me now, with another $93 to be added to this total in the morning.

Monday, 22 October 2007

What goes around comes around

Only seems like yesterday i was whinging on about bad beats and sick out draws, oh wait it was.

Well its true what they say things do look a little better on a good nights kip. Played today felt good and refreshed was making good reads and good plays then this.

Not the worst beat in the world i know pre flop its probably 55% - 45%, but when doesnt connect on the flop or turn im looking good then whammmmmmmmmmy on the river.

Was too concerned about that one, but then i got this awful player and look how this one played out

i aint even gonna describe it its just awful and needs to be seen to be believed!.

So there i was $55 down and not looking good, so took a break calmed down for abit. Logged back on and within 4 hands i had got some luck myself, what he was doing calling with 7 2 though i will never know, have a look for yourselves

and to finish the night off i tracked the guy down who had robbed me in a previous pot,
this one happend

Like granny Tonks always says what goes around comes around!

About time i had somthing go my way for a change, so now i think im $100 in profit for the month, only another $200 to go and hopefully move onto the second stage of this.

Sunday, 21 October 2007

Im Done

Thats it i give up,

After sum sick sick outdraws, im back to sqaure 1, back at evens made nothing lost nothing, but i just cant be bothered to play the amount of hours they are wanting me to.

its just demoralising i just dont enjoy playing maybe it is due to the fact that mansion is the shittest site i have ever seen or played at, you get the fishiest retards, calling with bottom pair all the way to the river where they will more often than not hit a set.

For example i thought id take a note of how many flushes i hit today, i see the flop 16 times, 14 times i have the A high flush draw, and you know how many times i hit this after betting every street? a big fat fucking 1!!!! and then the shit house folds.

Ah well back to the fucking shit hole that is work in the morning, see what more shit im given this week, see how many more times i will be given shit just coz they feel like it.

Someone please just fucking shoot me

Saturday, 20 October 2007


Just thought id let you all know i think im currently up $50 on the month overall which aint too bad considering the start i had, will check when the tables update 2morra

And also wft happend with England? we were robbed by a bent Aussie/New Zealand ref only bitter coz theyre shit teams are already back home!


There are some sick retarded fish out there, seen sooooooo many suck outs and so many bad poor calls, in the long run i know this is a good thing that they call with anything, but the worst ive seen today was a hand against me i had 10 10 fish has 2 2, i raise 4 times the big blind, he calls flop comes 8 4 9 i check he slams i insta call, knowing he has top pair at best, but no turns over 2 2 and im millllllllllllllllles infront but oh wait whats that on the turn u guessed it fking 2 what a fking donk!
He then gives it "sorry" as he leaves the table with my money.

Suppose i cant complain still at the time of writing this im still $70 up for the day

Friday, 19 October 2007

Shit Day Turns Good

After an alrite morning at work, and everyone eager to find out their grading it was looking like a good day, bit of extra cash in the back pocket like, the average was around level 3, so it meant summat like another £1500 a year.

Come back after dinner, that im only at a 2.3 what a fucking joke. Its a complete load of balls an extra £300 a year for what a shit load of fking work thats what, i mean i wouldnt mind if it were a good job, the only reason im staying there for now is coz i get on really well with most of the lads there except for the odd arse licker.

So i come home in a rite foul mood, luckily i didnt hit the tables rite away or i would have donked it all off, sat on a table with $80 managed to build it up to the balance above

Basically just a few hands helped nicely, caught some guy trying to bluff a pot when i had top two and he missed he flush draw, doubled me up to $160, then had AA mini raise, a caller and re raise call, so i decide to slam get one caller A10 thats another 70 to the stack.

Next was 56 vs j9 flop comes 789 bet raise re raise all in, turn K river 3 send it another $100 my way $330!

Then had JQ suited vs K2 why the fk he was raising with k2 i will never know, board comes K 10 J he bets i flat call, turn A gives me str8 and flush draw, bet raise re raise all in, i expected to be splitting it but had the extra outs of the flush, but nope he bet his entire stack $100 on middle pair, send it! $425

Then it had to come, minimum raise i re raise he calls, Flop comes Q 2 K i have QQQ bet raise re raise all in, im thkning come hope u have AA or AK but no he has KKK fking gutted ah well back down to the balance above

Not a bad night really makes up for the other shit ones.

Thursday, 18 October 2007

And it all clicks into place....

How is it that one day you can play the best poker possible and you hit sod all, infact you get hit from every angle by anything,

Then there are the days like today, where you hit anything and everything, and people pay you off!

Was just awesome played lower limits playing micro limits 5c 10c HE playing 3 tables at once, doubled up on all of em logged off had some tea.

Went back on played abit of PLO sat down with 25 managed to hit everything on there aswell, flopping sets, Fhs and flushes left right and centre.

So nice profit tonight finished on $170, doesnt sounds like its going too well for Al after two days where we both lost the lot, hes down again tonight last i heard he was $104 down

Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Heres a Post Just For You Rounder

Following on the previous one... these are more hands that hammerd me tonight. Think i played this poorly

Seat 0: gbillingham ($27.40 in chips) Seat 1: nikos_10 ($38.55 in chips) Seat 2: rapid pride ($36.10 in chips) Seat 6: JuRRi86 ($30.55 in chips) (on the button)
*** Blind Bet Round *** : gbillingham : Post Blind ($0.25)nikos_10 : Post Blind ($0.25)Dealt to gbillingham: 5s,Ah,As,Qc

*** Pre-Flop *** : rapid pride : Call ($0.25)JuRRi86 : Call ($0.25)gbillingham : Bet ($1)nikos_10 : Call ($1)rapid pride : FoldJuRRi86 : Call ($1)

*** Flop *** : Jh Jc Ac gbillingham : Checknikos_10 : CheckJuRRi86 : Bet ($4)gbillingham : Call ($4)nikos_10 : Fold

*** Turn *** : [ Jh Jc Ac ] 2c gbillingham : CheckJuRRi86 : Check

*** River *** : [ Jh Jc Ac 2c ] Jd gbillingham : CheckJuRRi86 : Bet ($8)gbillingham : Fold
JuRRi86 : Shows Js 8h 2h 4h

*** SUMMARY ***
Pot: $19.40 Rake: $0.60Board: [ Jh Jc Ac 2c Jd ]gbillingham lost $5.25 nikos_10 lost $1.25 rapid pride lost $0.25 JuRRi86 bet $13.25, collected $19.40, net $6.15

Then these two just to finish me off.....

Dealt to gbillingham: 5h,2d,8h,8s
*** Pre-Flop *** : 11Schollen : Foldeppailemati : FoldHartsaa : Call ($0.25)gbillingham : CheckEasy2001 : Bet ($0.55)Hartsaa : Call ($0.55)gbillingham : Call ($0.55)

*** Flop *** : Kc 8d 2c gbillingham : Bet ($2.40)Easy2001 : FoldHartsaa : Call ($2.40)

*** Turn *** : [ Kc 8d 2c ] 10s Dealt to Hartsaa: QhDealt to Hartsaa: 10dDealt to Hartsaa: KdDealt to Hartsaa: 10hDealt to gbillingham: 5hDealt to gbillingham: 2dDealt to gbillingham: 8hDealt to gbillingham: 8sgbillingham : Bet ($7.20)Hartsaa : Raise ($20)gbillingham : Call ($6.20)gbillingham : All In ($13.40)

*** River *** : [ Kc 8d 2c 10s ] Ad Dealt to Hartsaa: QhDealt to Hartsaa: 10dDealt to Hartsaa: KdDealt to Hartsaa: 10hDealt to gbillingham: 5hDealt to gbillingham: 2dDealt to gbillingham: 8hDealt to gbillingham: 8sHartsaa

*** SUMMARY ***Pot: $39.10 Rake: $1.50Board: [ Kc 8d 2c 10s Ad ]eppailemati lost $0 Hartsaa bet $23.20, collected $39.10, net $15.90 Shows [ Qh 10d Kd 10h ] (three tens)gbillingham lost $16.60 Shows [ 5h 2d 8h 8s ] (three eights)Easy2001 lost $0.80 11Schollen lost $0

And finally......

7s,Jd,6h,8d vs KsKc2s4s

Flop = 5d 10c 6s

He checks, i bet pot which is $7.50 he slams over the top.

Turn = 3s

River = 8s = He hits flush i hit str8

Even The Pros Get It Wrong Sometimes.....

Its a nice refreshing change when its backed up that you arent actually a bad player after all its just one of those things.

Mentor rang me tonight, and asked me to play a few hands while he was talking me through what i should do. Things were looking up for a change with this hand, Get dealt K10 raise to $1 one caller, flop 6 10 4, i bet $1.75 he raises to $4 i call. Turn K he bets $7 i go all in for $31 he calls and shows 6 10, i think the comment from my mentor was "what a fking plum calling with 610". River comes 7, Send it!

Upto $65

Then this....

Hand P4-51987494-312, Started at 17/10/2007 18:06 (GMT+1)Table 'xWhiplash85's HE': $0.25-$0.25 No Limit HE (Real)Seat 2: gbillingham ($66.45 in chips) Seat 4: tessa80 ($4.50 in chips) Seat 5: harakirihoro ($27.90 in chips) (on the button)Seat 6: d3ar7dent1st ($69.20 in chips) Seat 8: TehAAsi ($81.30 in chips)

*** Blind Bet Round *** : d3ar7dent1st : Post Blind ($0.15)TehAAsi : Post Blind ($0.25)tessa80 : Post Blind ($0.25)Dealt to gbillingham: Dealt to gbillingham: As Kd

*** Pre-Flop *** : gbillingham : Bet ($2.25)tessa80 : Fold harakirihoro : Fold d3ar7dent1st : Call ($2.10)TehAAsi : Fold

*** Flop *** : 4h Ad 9d
d3ar7dent1st : Bet ($3.25)gbillingham : Call ($3.25)

*** Turn *** : [ 4h Ad 9d ] 5h d3ar7dent1st : Checkgbillingham : Bet ($8)d3ar7dent1st : Raise ($20)gbillingham : Call ($12)

*** River *** : [ 4h Ad 9d 5h ] Bet ($43.70)d3ar7dent1st gbillingham : Call ($40.95)

*** SUMMARY ***Pot: $134.65 Rake: $1.50Board: [ 4h Ad 9d 5h Kc ]gbillingham lost $66.45 Shows [ As Kd ] (two pairs, Aces and Kings)tessa80 lost $0.25 harakirihoro lost $0 d3ar7dent1st bet $69.20, collected $134.65, net $65.45 Shows [ 9c 9s ] (three nines)TehAAsi lost $0.25

Thanks Mentor!

Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Another Kick to the Balls

Talk about when it aint your day,

Logged back on found $8 on my account from somewhere, had K10 flop comes K 2 4 i bet i get raised so i push, im only playing 5c 10c he turns over AA

Final hand minimum raise i have AK slam all in for remaining $3 he calls with 99 and of course he flops 9

When it aint your day it just aint your day.

Ah well 2morras another day see what happens 2morra

Its On, Oh Its On Like Donkey Kong

Before i start this id like to publicly say, well done Mike D your prediction was correct!

Finally started the badbeat trader thing today.

First hour went past pretty uneventful then this...... had 99 couple of limpers one minimum raiser, flat call flop comes 9 2 J it goes somthing like this bet, raise, re raise all in, and he turns over JJ nice welcome to mansion needless to say the 9 never appeared to save me.

Managed to just about recover from that then holding AA i raise 3x the blinds to $1.50 i get exactly what i want a raise in mid position its massive aswell to oddly $9.99 so i think im only sat with $25 so all in over the top, he calls in an instant turns over AQ sooooooooooooo far infront its unreal, til the flop that is QQ2 and thats another $25 down the swanny.

So $50 down in my first 2 hours not what i had hoped for to be honest.

So decided to move to PLO after a short break, played a couple of hands flopped a fh won a $10 pot and thought things were on the up, how wrong i was about to proven.

Holding QsKsJh10h theres a raise infront and a short stack goes all in for another $3 the pot stands at $4 without his money, so i flat call as does another player, Flop comes 10sAs8s. i check the nuts as one player is all in and only one other in pot, he bets the pot i raise he slams all in, i was atleast thinking AAA or 101010 decide to call neither have AAA or 101010 they both have A8 o/s so im liking these odds, turn brings nothing and the river brings the 8 LOL what a joke soooooooo fked up!

So down to last $25 what a fking joke, very next hand and its all gone, flopped str8 and set of 7`s and some clown hits runner runner flush after i bet the pot twice. so in the space of around 3 hours thats $100 gone what a fking rip!

As my mate says it seems that Mansion is benter than George Micheal, Michael Barrymore and Graham Norton in the same room, seen sooooooo many sick beats today,

Doesnt look like this Badbeat thing will last too much longer!

Monday, 15 October 2007

Hold Up

Slight delay, it seems that i dont start the poker experience until 2morra somthing to do with Mansion updating their software.

Ah well another day to go not too bad.

Tuesday, 9 October 2007

All Systems Go!

Seems alls going well with the sponsered thingy, Had a confirmation email and all being well it should start next Monday, Then let the fun begin, I do have a little side bet going with one of the lads from back on who is going to make the most so if i can get his P/L figures i will do a running weekly thing on whos winning.

Friday, 5 October 2007

A New Beginning.......

Had an interesting email the other day, asking if id like to participate in the trainee trader programme,

Too bloody right i do!, basically they are offering the following,

First month $100 a day loss limit, by them giving me this i have to play 40 hours a week and play 3000 hands, but if i multi table ie 2 tables at once i only have to play 20 hours a week. I also have show a profit of atleast $300 by the end of the first month.

If i do then i move to month two where the same apply but i get $200 dollars a day, and have to show a profit of $700 a month if i can then do this i become a sponsered player playing full time!

I also get 25% of whatever profit i make for the first two months then they increase the higher up the months i get.

Bit of good news i thought! Just hopefully i can do the job

Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Time to Grow a Pair??

Bloody hell,

Picked a few accumlators, none came in had whatever was spare on Liverpool to lose, and it turns out it was 14 - 1 why the hell did i only put £2 on it!!!!!!


Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Not Too Bad A Nite Really

I figured i would try playing somewhere up where i should be playing, no offence to people who play 5c 10c but it just aint for me, far too many out draws as its only cheap to call, as a mate once said " i cant take it serious knowing its only 12p"

So i moved up to 50c - $1 Holdem stuck £20 on didnt play anything really but good hands, can only really remember 2 particular hands, i had AK raise to $4 one caller, Flop Ad Kh 2h, i check guy bets i raise he calls, Turn 9c i bet pot $10 he thinks and calls, putting him on serious flush or straight draw, river comes 7d i check, he thinks about it and i was sure he was gonna check behind me but he puts a bet of $5 in i instantly raise to $12 and he calls and mucks in the same instant! Nice!!!

Second hand was 55 only 3 players at table so i raise to $3 guy calls with KJ flop comes 3 5 3 hmmmmm 2nd nuts anyone!!, he bets a dollar i dwell up and call, turn comes J he checks im praying hes hit somthing bet $2 he instant raises to $5 i call, river K i check again he bets $10 i raise to $25 he calls and mucks again, that will teach him for calling me a useless tard 2 hands before

Got tired so logged off and cashed out $100 nice $60 profit cant grumble

Monday, 1 October 2007

Awful Nite

Knew it was a bad sign when my Tottenham bet didnt come in,

I got hammered in every hand, the only hand i can remember i won was the hand above, blew my entire rake back ah well a break will do me good!