Monday, 22 October 2007

What goes around comes around

Only seems like yesterday i was whinging on about bad beats and sick out draws, oh wait it was.

Well its true what they say things do look a little better on a good nights kip. Played today felt good and refreshed was making good reads and good plays then this.

Not the worst beat in the world i know pre flop its probably 55% - 45%, but when doesnt connect on the flop or turn im looking good then whammmmmmmmmmy on the river.

Was too concerned about that one, but then i got this awful player and look how this one played out

i aint even gonna describe it its just awful and needs to be seen to be believed!.

So there i was $55 down and not looking good, so took a break calmed down for abit. Logged back on and within 4 hands i had got some luck myself, what he was doing calling with 7 2 though i will never know, have a look for yourselves

and to finish the night off i tracked the guy down who had robbed me in a previous pot,
this one happend

Like granny Tonks always says what goes around comes around!

About time i had somthing go my way for a change, so now i think im $100 in profit for the month, only another $200 to go and hopefully move onto the second stage of this.


mushyjim said...

I'm sorry but you play 3 out of 4 of those hands badly

Smoothplease said...

1st 2 hands were just plain ul gaz imo;matey was never going to lay AK down and rivered you but wtf the geezer was thinking with his 2's is any body's guess!! glad you got it back,bit fortunate with your 5's but your granny was right!!! cant understand why 'mushyjim' wrote you played 3 wrong? surely it would help if he could explain which would maybe help you,(to help shows wisdom,to berate shows ignorance) as MY old gran said!! gl at the tables gaz

Gaz Billingham said...

Yeah i admit the two pocket five hands were more than a little fortunate, but id also like to ask why he was calling a position raise with 7 3 o/s? my raise of any flop bet was to push out any A7, AK and any weak 9, when the 9 comes on the turn and i think he checks it, that to me says he doesnt have a 9 so i push hoping him to show AK AQ but when he shows 7 3 im well behind.

and the pocket 2s vs 5s hand i believe wasnt played that badly how was i to know he has 222? again my thinking here is he has AQ AK so thats why i call then raise the flop if the 5 handt of come on the turn i would not have pursued it if he fires again, but it did and sh£t happens.

i dont feel i played JJ AK badly at the end of the day he has the drawing hand i have the made hand,

And KK vs 22 was just sick, and what made it worse he berrated me after spiking the 2 what a moron!

Gaz Billingham said...

also not meaning to sound funny or anything but reading a couple of your games you dont sound any better than myself, i quote "if he decided to push all in i will fold on a board of 5 5 10" he pushes and u insta call with AA,

Amatay said...

All hands seems ok to except the hand (number 3 i think) where you check raise with 55. I hate the play and would have bet the flop instead.

mushyjim said...

OK I apologise, the only thing I really hate is the program that plays back the hands! It's impossible to understand what's going on! There's one bit where you put someone all-in for 45c and it shows BET, RAISE, ALL-IN, ALL-IN or something like that, pretty confusing. Sorry I should've looked at them more closely before commenting, nhs.

mushyjim said...

Oh and also that hand you found of mine was from August 2006. But you are right I play bad.

Gaz Billingham said...

Never said you play bad pal, just before you criticise someone elses play surely look at your own past mistakes?

mushyjim said...

Lol what? I can't ever say that someone played a hand badly because I got stacked with AA in August '06?