Sunday, 21 October 2007

Im Done

Thats it i give up,

After sum sick sick outdraws, im back to sqaure 1, back at evens made nothing lost nothing, but i just cant be bothered to play the amount of hours they are wanting me to.

its just demoralising i just dont enjoy playing maybe it is due to the fact that mansion is the shittest site i have ever seen or played at, you get the fishiest retards, calling with bottom pair all the way to the river where they will more often than not hit a set.

For example i thought id take a note of how many flushes i hit today, i see the flop 16 times, 14 times i have the A high flush draw, and you know how many times i hit this after betting every street? a big fat fucking 1!!!! and then the shit house folds.

Ah well back to the fucking shit hole that is work in the morning, see what more shit im given this week, see how many more times i will be given shit just coz they feel like it.

Someone please just fucking shoot me


Amatay said...

sounds like a nightmare m8 but dont quit, trust me

BurnleyMik said...

yeah don't quit. they must have picked you for a good reason. Do you really wanna pass up this opportunity because you are pissed off to day with the beats???

Maybe they will let you play another site????

Good luck whatever you choose mate, but don't miss your opportunities!