Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Not Too Bad A Nite Really

I figured i would try playing somewhere up where i should be playing, no offence to people who play 5c 10c but it just aint for me, far too many out draws as its only cheap to call, as a mate once said " i cant take it serious knowing its only 12p"

So i moved up to 50c - $1 Holdem stuck £20 on didnt play anything really but good hands, can only really remember 2 particular hands, i had AK raise to $4 one caller, Flop Ad Kh 2h, i check guy bets i raise he calls, Turn 9c i bet pot $10 he thinks and calls, putting him on serious flush or straight draw, river comes 7d i check, he thinks about it and i was sure he was gonna check behind me but he puts a bet of $5 in i instantly raise to $12 and he calls and mucks in the same instant! Nice!!!

Second hand was 55 only 3 players at table so i raise to $3 guy calls with KJ flop comes 3 5 3 hmmmmm 2nd nuts anyone!!, he bets a dollar i dwell up and call, turn comes J he checks im praying hes hit somthing bet $2 he instant raises to $5 i call, river K i check again he bets $10 i raise to $25 he calls and mucks again, that will teach him for calling me a useless tard 2 hands before

Got tired so logged off and cashed out $100 nice $60 profit cant grumble


Spunksock said...

Nice blog. I've put a link on mine for you bud.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Don't think of it as money, think of it as points on a computer game mate. You can make money at NL10, I played 488 hands last night and turned in over $33! Obviously ran like God which helped!

You asked where in Leeds I'm from on my blog, I was born in Bramley but live in Dewsbury now.

Gaz Billingham said...

Lol yeh does always help Pud, what u play on betfair?

As i said Cas lad myself but in Chester comin bak to gods country tho at the weekend to see Cas stuff Widnes!