Friday, 5 October 2007

A New Beginning.......

Had an interesting email the other day, asking if id like to participate in the trainee trader programme,

Too bloody right i do!, basically they are offering the following,

First month $100 a day loss limit, by them giving me this i have to play 40 hours a week and play 3000 hands, but if i multi table ie 2 tables at once i only have to play 20 hours a week. I also have show a profit of atleast $300 by the end of the first month.

If i do then i move to month two where the same apply but i get $200 dollars a day, and have to show a profit of $700 a month if i can then do this i become a sponsered player playing full time!

I also get 25% of whatever profit i make for the first two months then they increase the higher up the months i get.

Bit of good news i thought! Just hopefully i can do the job


Yorkshire Pudding said...

Nice one mate! I read about these in a poker mag the other week. If you can get in with them I'd certainly go for it!

Gaz Billingham said...

yeah ive read up on it seems a good thing, not risking my own money for a change which is a good thing! we all know how lucky some of them fish get!

Amatay said...

WTF! How did you manage this???