Saturday, 20 October 2007


There are some sick retarded fish out there, seen sooooooo many suck outs and so many bad poor calls, in the long run i know this is a good thing that they call with anything, but the worst ive seen today was a hand against me i had 10 10 fish has 2 2, i raise 4 times the big blind, he calls flop comes 8 4 9 i check he slams i insta call, knowing he has top pair at best, but no turns over 2 2 and im millllllllllllllllles infront but oh wait whats that on the turn u guessed it fking 2 what a fking donk!
He then gives it "sorry" as he leaves the table with my money.

Suppose i cant complain still at the time of writing this im still $70 up for the day

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