Wednesday, 31 October 2007

When its not your day its just not your day......

Not posted in a while, so thought id better get my finger out and let you know whats kicking off in the world of GB.

Had a good week last week, with the trip to Rileys and then Yang Towers friday, attempted to play some poker Saturday after the marathon 10 hour stint at Phils but it wasnt going too cracking so decided i was too tired to play

Had a few hours Sunday from what i can rememember wasnt too eventful no pots stick in my mind for that one, Played abit Monday think i donked all my money off Monday and then decided i would take Mikes advice and go blow off some steam in a $25 sit n go, took then down on Betfair so all the profit to me!

played yesterday and mananged to double up my hand thanks a few good hands was hitting everything yesterday straights, flushes and sets were holding up twas a good day indeed, then went on Betfair and played some PLO 50c $1 managed to take £20 upto £75 in about an hour.

How different today has been, played my usual 25c 50c on Mansion everthing was fine was just about even when this happend

JJ raise to $3 BB raises to $6 i call, flop comes 10c 4c 2h he checks the flop to me so i take it hes weak probably AQ AK low PP i bet $15 certain im infront, he raises me all in for my remaining $10 so i call thinking hmm surely not KK QQ AA????? possible flush draw i suppose.. then again i have the Jc he turns over AK turn comes 3 river brings A what a fcuking fish!

Few hands later i get 99 raise to $4 not expecting to get a caller but same guy calls again, flop comes Q jc 9c he bets $10 again i know full well im infront so i re raise all in he couldnt call fast enough, im thinking no surely he hasnt got K10 but no he shows AhQc i think at the time the odds flashed up and it was 85% - 15% if that to me, river comes 2c river yup another club then look over and see he has the fking Q of clubs what a fking joke pure piss take!

Then to top it off, i think i know i will stick some on the footy, i put the following on, 3 accumulators:

Rangers, Dundee Utd, Aberdeen, Celtic = 7.33 to 1 = the best team in this Celtic lose

Man City, Liverpool and Celtic = 4.89 to 1 = again Celtic cost me

then finally Everton, Arsenal and Blackburn, fking Luton take Everton into extra time = around 8.5 - 1 meaning they cost me a return of over £100 well done Gaz u nobber!!!!


Amatay said...

nice pic, is that u m8? lolol

Gaz Billingham said...

its what i feel like has happend to me the past few days pal i tell ya proper butt fucked!!!!