Thursday, 18 October 2007

And it all clicks into place....

How is it that one day you can play the best poker possible and you hit sod all, infact you get hit from every angle by anything,

Then there are the days like today, where you hit anything and everything, and people pay you off!

Was just awesome played lower limits playing micro limits 5c 10c HE playing 3 tables at once, doubled up on all of em logged off had some tea.

Went back on played abit of PLO sat down with 25 managed to hit everything on there aswell, flopping sets, Fhs and flushes left right and centre.

So nice profit tonight finished on $170, doesnt sounds like its going too well for Al after two days where we both lost the lot, hes down again tonight last i heard he was $104 down


Amatay said...

nice work m8. i gave u a mention in my gay blog like i said lol. spk soon

Smoothplease said...

well done gaz,i read your earlier blogs about it going tits up for you,glad you got a result last night,hope it carrys on for you.. gl fella