Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Life Tilt!

Why does it always come and bite you in the a$$?

Just got myself a new job first week went really well and mega enjoying it, just started reffing again and was just getting back into that then Sunday WHWHHHHAMMO

In the middle of the game fall down a pot hole and look a rite donkey with the crowd and every one laughing their sacks off, til i didnt move, then the pain hit me like a smack to the face!

Managed to get back up and attempted to run it off and it just collapsed under me, ended up in A and E for what seemed forever, for some donkey to tell me that no its not broken this time, but we can see from your X rays that you have broken it in the past, as you can see here the break in the bone is too clean for it be new ( i was like wtf, even i know a clean break means a new break!). But no these clowns send me home without as much as an ice pack!

Go to work yesterday and it was sore as fcuk got home and it was all black and the size of horses a$$ so go back to another hospital for them to tell me yes it is broken infact its broken in 2 places! i was like WTF!! what do we pay NI for? these donks obviously dont know their arse from their elbow!

So im potted up until Monday when i go back to the fracture clinic if its still bad then it stays in pot for another 6 weeks! if not then the pot is taken off and im sent on my way with abit of strapping a smiley face sticker!

I know which i want coz ive had this pot on for a day now and its already pi$$ing me right off!

Friday, 9 January 2009

Friday, 2 January 2009

End of Year Review, Aims for 2009

Well firstly i gotta say Happy New Year to everyone, hope you had a great one wherever you spent it.

So 2008 was it a success or not, Well one thing is for sure it was a really hectic year for me, moving house, getting a new job, losing said new job and just other life stuff meant it was a busy time indeed, But on the poker front ive managed to keep upto date of where i am with profit and loss which is a major plus for me, usually i just sack it off and leave it but no kept upto date records of how much ive put on and how much ive taken off.

On that front it shows the totals as:

Sept = +£589.15
Oct = +£1335.28
Nov = -£548.58
Dec = +£510.21

Total = + £1886.06

So if it wasnt for the horror month of November id be up well over £2k which would have been a nice little bonus on top of any wages i was getting. I think looking back i spent too much time messing around at stakes that were peanuts 5c 10c PLO for example, i dont know if its just me but i seem to play worse at lower stakes than i do at stakes i take a shot at, i mean look at October for example i took a couple of shots at the $2.50 $5 games with reasonable sucess, My main problem i feel that is holding me back is the lack of a bankroll.

Instead of a roll i play with whatever is in my bank account, which really isnt the best way to sustain poker it should be money set aside for poker, then you arent playing with scared money i guess if its needed for other things.

So aims for 2009

1. LEARN TO DRIVE ASAP! ( its so annoying not driving and this needs to be sorted asap)
2. GET FIT AND LOSE 1 1/2 STONE ( started taking up sports reffing again and im currently 16st 7lb which is no good!)
3. PAY OFF ALL DEBTS (After Chritmas has taken its toll ive maxed my CC for 2k and into my overdraft of 1k)
4. GET AND KEEP AN ONLINE ROLL ( Earn / Win enough money to be able to keep a roll online and not play with life money)
5. DONT TILT!!! ( looking back at HH its easy to spot tilt when ive just spunked off a load of money i didnt need to keeping this in control will maximise my winnings whilst cutting my loses!)

Well those 5 will do for now i can think of plenty more but id just be boring you all.

Anyways all the best for 2009