Thursday, 23 October 2008

Nice Winning Evening

Had a good night tonight started off sitting at a aggro table of omaha 25c 50c with $30 quickly ran that upto $240 before logging off here are a few hands from tonight the first is standard pretty donkish to be fair but i just had a feeling he had air and hadnt connected as strong as his bets suggested

This one is very fortunate but i didnt feel that the other guy would call aswell, figured my flush draw was good as were my straightening cards just gotta love that river, (sorry to Deano btw, found out he is from my town).

Then the table broke and just left the three of us, it was very strange game after that they guy keeps raising the pot every single hand, just the way i like it get it in and mix it up wait til you hit the nuts and slam here is one example

Heres one just to show i dont always get it my way,

Same guy again raised every pot and i took this nice pot off him,

So with the money id won playing poker decided to stick a few bets on the footy,

Hamburg to Win @ 1.72
A C Milan to Win @ 1.66
Sevilla to win @ 1.60 in a £20 treble netting my £92

Sevilla to win @ 1.60
Aston Villa to win @ 1.61 in a £20 double netting me £51

A C Milan to Win @ 1.66
Sevilla to win @ 1.60
Aston Villa to win @ 1.61 in a £20 treble netting me £86.15

So finished up £288 on the night which i cant complain about

Profit for the month now stands at £1,463.73

Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhip it!

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Two posts in 24 hours OMG Nuts Anyone?

Gotta love this hand.......

I was pwning the guy HU after the table broke then this happend,

dealt to Gazovcas [9c 6s 6d 3d]

Gazovcas: calls £1

Ratboy002: raises to £6

Gazovcas: calls £4

----- FLOP ----- [Ad 8c 7s]

Ratboy002: bets £12 Gazovcas: calls £12

----- TURN ----- [Ad 8c 7s][3s]

Ratboy002: bets £36 Gazovcas: calls £36

----- RIVER ----- [Ad 8c 7s 3s][5h]

Ratboy002: bets £108 Gazovcas: raises to £296Ratboy002: calls £188

----- SHOW DOWN -----Gazovcas: shows [9c 6s 6d 3d] (A Straight, Nine high)Ratboy002: mucks hand [9h 7c 8s 8d]Gazovcas collected £699 from Main pot

----- SUMMARY -----Total pot £700 Main pot £699 Rake £1Board [Ad 8c 7s 3s 5h]Seat 3: Gazovcas (small blind) showed [9c 6s 6d 3d] and won (£699) with A Straight, Nine highSeat 4: Ratboy002 (big blind) mucked [9h 7c 8s 8d]

Finally an Update

Evening all

Sorry its taken so long to make a post, its just things have been so hectic lately with the move and other life and poker stuff that i just havent had the time to sit down and stick owt on here but now i have found some time before the footy kicks off to let everyone know whats been happening.

Firstly finally moved from Chester back home to the right side of the penines i csnt believe how much more expensive it is in Chester to here, Mental it really is like twice as expensive, it was a shame to give up the penthouse apartment but it just wasnt big enough for us and we now have an extra bedroom so its all good, So now finally sorted bought everything we need to buy and slowly but surely getting sorted.

First thing we did when we moved in was organise a poker night,

Speaking of the poker its not been going too bad in the time from the last post to now, (hopefully i wont ruin everything by writing about it)

For August i was +£377.48
September +£615.65
October so Far = +£788.76

So not a bad showing from where i used to be at hopefully i can keep running this golden,

Below are a few of the memorable hands that ive played in the past month or so

And Platonic next time you want to try and insult me you little pleb, you know where you can find me you keyboard warrior!