Saturday, 20 December 2008

Keep on keeping on

Had a winning few days taking the profits for this month to +£450.01

Probably the last time i will play before christmas as im going away for Christmas tommorow and probably wont have access to a computer,

All the best have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year if i dont get to make a post between now and the Jan 1st


Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Recent Results and Year End

Had a couple of disaster days followed by a few ok days to leave the total standing at +£370.21

With only a few days left before i go to the inlaws for christmas if i can break the +£400 mark that will be just fine by me!

Will do a proper look back on what if anything i have achieved this year playing poker nearer then end of year but what i can see from the records ive kept is that im up almost £1700 from the 3 months i kept records which for someone who plays my stakes aint too shabby.



New Job alert, starting 26th of Jan. Back of the net!

Sunday, 14 December 2008

No Poker til after Xmas

Not worth it after tonights sick sick beats, 3 x 1 outers runner runner flushes and to finish it off had A10JQ double suited

Flop 10 10 2 i checked chumpo bet i raised he slammed i call hes got A10K9 turn Q river K wp gg should still be up around £200 for month but not a great deal more id imagine.

Sunday, 7 December 2008

Seasons Greetings Kiddo`s

Evening All,

To say its been a while is a slight understatement eh?

Where to begin, well as most of you know (if anyone still reads due to the lack of updates), I moved back over the right side of the pennines and back home, we went looking for a new sofa for our new place and ended up with a job aswell, not a bad days work there. All was going well until the past week when on the news it said MFI had gone busto, but when i asked at work that meant good news for us as it meant more stock coming our way... Or so we thought!. All last week the bosses are like we might have to lay you both off, We tjhought he was joking and messing bout that was until we got the news that as we hadnt fully paid for all the stock and by law MFI could request it back and request that we dont sell anymore of it, and thats just what they did, Fking great news, but the bosses did say it could and should be a couple of weeks til they actually came back for the stuff and that they were saying balls to them and selling the stuff anyway, so we thought our jobs were safe til christmas atleast, No such luck we got called into the office on Weds and were given our cards, Fucking great news 3 weeks before christmas, luckily the rent is paid 6 months in advance and all the christmas presents have been purchased in advance so im offically out of work, which in the current climate is a major pain in the arse!

Got a few interviews next week one for T Mobile and some other temping jobs in and around the area so hopefully i get somthing going before or start after christmas i aint gonna hold my breath put it that way!

On the poker front i was £380 up for the month before i lost my job and to be honest i cant see it rising much over that as i just dont have the funds to play and if i do play the stakes are far smaller which i suppose after last month after ending the month in the minus for the first time ina long time this should teach me some respect for cash and get back on the grind see what i can turn.

Anyways back to the job hunting catch you all later, all the best at the tables and whatever else you get upto