Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Recent Results and Year End

Had a couple of disaster days followed by a few ok days to leave the total standing at +£370.21

With only a few days left before i go to the inlaws for christmas if i can break the +£400 mark that will be just fine by me!

Will do a proper look back on what if anything i have achieved this year playing poker nearer then end of year but what i can see from the records ive kept is that im up almost £1700 from the 3 months i kept records which for someone who plays my stakes aint too shabby.



Platonic_ said...

I play your stakes and I must say that is pathertic.

GB said...

Lol son when you can construct a sentence that makes sense and is gramatically correct come back and i will happily inform you of the failings on your game, until then SHUT THE FUCK UP! BECAUSE YOU ARE ONE BORING INDIVIDUAL