Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Slowly Slowly Catchy Monkey

Not really sure if anyone is still checking this out or if you have all deserted me after I said i was taking a break from the game. Ive decided to ease myself slowly back into poker after taking the break

Well abits happend since then, I left poker alone for two weeks before having a game on a new site to see how it was and the standard was poor to say the least, made a nice tidy profit only for me to stupidly lose it all the next night.

Next up was the APAT event in Manchester, and again to be honest the standard was dire.

3k starting chips and 30min blinds didnt really hit many hands early on until the last hand before the first break had QQ on the BB and raised x3 bb guy calls in mid pos flop brings Q 10 7 i check hoping to induce a bluff but he checks behind me, Bugger!. Turn brings the 10 and i give it the hollywood like its just busted my hand, I again check this time he bites, and puts 800 into a 1600 pot i decide to slow play making it look like im weak, turn brings another 7 i bet 1500 and slams i insta call for a nice 9k or so pot.

Then after the break the hands were rolling in, only problem was they werent standing up, firstly i get K9 in BB on board of 996 for a large chunk of my chips he plays 78 soooooo badly on the river there are 4 diams obv he hits his str8 but doesnt figure for the 4 card flush on the board rivers checked down and i ask does he have a diamond to which i get a no just the str8 wp donk!

Next up AQ vs shorties push with 1010 and i dont improve. I then get AK two hands running dccide against slow play and open shove the first time the bb tanks and folds saying he much A10. Very next hand AK again couple of callers same play all in they surely couldnt figure me for the same hand again but no callers either. Then get AQ against another semi shorties JJ and again dont improve. Then final hand i make a play vs first position caller he flips over KK and thats me done.

So to the cash game sat with £65 and to say the standard was way bad was an understatement, atleast 4 of the guys had seen every flop after the first hour or so. Some decent pots i decided to gamble early on and got all my money in pre flop with AKc vs 88 first card out lovely K and i have a nice stack of around £120

Later on i make what i believe to be a good laydown only for it to backfire on a £120 pot, see what you all think...

I get KK raise the re straddle up to £12 playing 1 and 1 NL get 4 callers flop brings A A 5 i bet £20 at the flop to which i get two callers turn brings J i fear im behind to a rag A so check guy shoves other guy calls and its back to me to which i fold, they then flip over KJ and 99 unreal river brings other A

I did manage to get some back later on though with a slow played top set vs a donk with nothign trying to bluff. The standard at this game was awful it really was. But good day had by all except i suspect Tom who lost a ton, quick mention to Mike though who made a top laydown again with KK on board of J 10 2 he bets £25 at the flop is raised to £75 and two others ship for £25 each they show hands of J10 vs 89 vs AQ turn brings Q river brings J, and they call with these hands even though he raised to £10 pre flop.

Played some hands online last night and managed to run super hot having JJ 4 times and 3 / 4 time flopping a set and getting paid each time other time i was all in on the flop on a 7 high board vs AK managed to come off with a final balance of $708, so not a bad nights work if only every night was like this eh?

Sunday, 4 May 2008

They Think its All Over.....It Is For Now

Yup thats right folks decided to call it a day, A few reasons really, but the main one is the time its taking up i could and should be doing other things with my life but not.

That and i just dont have the correct BRM to play like i want to at the minute.

So gonna take some time out couple of months or so and see where we go from there, get some cash together and come back bigger and better than before.

Thats the plan anyways

Catch you all later!

Thursday, 1 May 2008

Is it sometimes better to be lucky rather than good?

Had to take the day off work again today due to this bug that i thought id shifted before i went to France but it appears to have come back after taking all the tablets to get rid of it. So it was another trip to the docs today to get some more tablets and see whats up with me.

Got back and fired up two tables and now i normally tile the tables so i dont click on the wrong table when they flash up but for some reason i didnt and this was the result of it.


When he comes back over the top im about to lay it down but another table flashed up and distracted me and i ended clicking call instead of fold and got super lucky!

from there on the fisheees at the table never believed me when i had a hand, as you can see below:


Gotta love this flop


By this time they were calling me down with any two which is always nice with a good starting hand


On reflection it is an awesome flop and maybe should have bet but i didnt know what he was holding and could have been air so i check to trap him but he checks right back.
But it all worked out for a nice little pot in the end.