Thursday, 1 May 2008

Is it sometimes better to be lucky rather than good?

Had to take the day off work again today due to this bug that i thought id shifted before i went to France but it appears to have come back after taking all the tablets to get rid of it. So it was another trip to the docs today to get some more tablets and see whats up with me.

Got back and fired up two tables and now i normally tile the tables so i dont click on the wrong table when they flash up but for some reason i didnt and this was the result of it.

When he comes back over the top im about to lay it down but another table flashed up and distracted me and i ended clicking call instead of fold and got super lucky!

from there on the fisheees at the table never believed me when i had a hand, as you can see below:

Gotta love this flop

By this time they were calling me down with any two which is always nice with a good starting hand

On reflection it is an awesome flop and maybe should have bet but i didnt know what he was holding and could have been air so i check to trap him but he checks right back.
But it all worked out for a nice little pot in the end.

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