Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Holiday, Poker and Near Death Experiences

Just got back from a long weekend away in France with the lads, went to watch the rugby Castleford and Catalan in the superleague, top weekend although proper expensive somthing around £5 a pint in some places.

Got back sunday and went round one of the lads houses for a home game, £10 tourny busted out early but was allowed a rebuy and went on to finish second after sucking out twice or so along the way, i begrudgingly accepted a split of £80 - £40 heads up i just felt he was lucky as fuck and i was right, hes a proper donk and called a raise with 2 3 off suit for the flop to come 2 2 3 and me to have nut flush draw A high,

Then came the usual lets see how much money Gaz can lose at shoot just £10 this time so not too bad.

Played abit over the weekend managed to turn £30 into £200 and cashed some out and again tonight turned $50 into $260 so not a bad night tonight, here are a few hands from tonights play.

Looking at this one it was a poor read by me and just got lucky on the turn simple as.

This one having seen the guy play a little he could be doing this with any 2 the river just does me in

I like this play with 4 4 because with the pre flop raise infront of me i know if i hit a 4 and higher cards come with it im getting paid of 70 - 80% of the time

I really like this one i again figure with the preflop raise there are some decent hands about so i make a big enough re raise to push all the raggy aces out and only get called by the genuine hand when no A comes on the flop they are all going in, and get called twice to boot, was infront start to finish but the turn does help a little

Also a big shout out to Mike D who finished 2nd on Sunday night in an online 10gtd tourny for a nice $1,600 pay day, wp old boy!

The near death experience i hear you cry, I Was sat on the train back from Manchester the other day and some little scrote throws a brick at the train it hits the window im sat right next to and cracks the outside payne of glass a few inches above my head, if the inside payne would have broken the brick would have hit me on the head and the broken glass cut my face to bits!

And to top it off the bloke who i move from the aisle seat to the window seat for has torrets and keeps repeating himself over and over again the same words " Fking cut her" needless to say i moved pretty sharpish

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Rhubarb & Custard said...

lol, sounds like a great train ride ;)