Thursday, 17 April 2008

Running Like God....Feeling Like Shit

Whats that old saying you cant have everything....its true.

Like the title suggests i was running red hot today but felt absolutely dog $hit, Was up all night last night praying to the toilet god, so when i finally got to bed about 4 or 5am i was in no mood for getting up for work some 4 hours later, it takes the mick a little bit in the same week i hand my notice in i get smacked with some dirty bug niiiiiiiiice.

Anyways was just checking out my emails (between toilet breaks) and stuff and had one from Betfair saying i had some kind of deposit waiting on my account so fired it up and found £20 sat there i figured i had the day off, but knowing my luck i would need to leave in tne middle of a hand so with sick bucket at my side i started blasting the 25c 50c tables

This is one of the first few pots i got involved in not too sure what they were chasing to be honest but anyways its a nice start

Not too sure about the next hand i got more than a little fortunate on the river but then again hes not playing a premium hand and even when he hits hes not really defining his hand either

This one im not convinced with his play here somthing smells fishy with the river bet how can he call call then bet, it smells like a missed flush to me and what do u know....

Decided to go back to bed after this i was feeling so so weak it was untrue so logged off with a nice profit. Had a few hours but figured i wouldnt be able to sleep tonight if i slept for too long so decided id try my hand at a omaha game and im glad i did!

Didnt start off too well as you can see from this one....

Wasnt really too fussed here as it was only a small buyin i thought about it and sat out for a while should i leave with what i have, i was just about to when i saw the rubbish that one fish at the table was playing with and it wasnt long before he had gone busto for the 4time for $300ish dollars in total he rebought so i thought im having some of this. And just look what the poker gods served up!

Thinking about it this could be one of the biggest pots ive won online almost $300, ive never been more glad to see a 2 in my life i can tell you!.

Played the Betfair 1k gtd aswell and managed a cash as you can see below, dont remember many hands apart from this one, all in 3 way on the final table i had KK vs AK vs AA guy with AA trebles up and goes on to win with ease, this is the hand

And here is the final positions...

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