Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Two posts in 24 hours OMG Nuts Anyone?

Gotta love this hand.......

I was pwning the guy HU after the table broke then this happend,

dealt to Gazovcas [9c 6s 6d 3d]

Gazovcas: calls £1

Ratboy002: raises to £6

Gazovcas: calls £4

----- FLOP ----- [Ad 8c 7s]

Ratboy002: bets £12 Gazovcas: calls £12

----- TURN ----- [Ad 8c 7s][3s]

Ratboy002: bets £36 Gazovcas: calls £36

----- RIVER ----- [Ad 8c 7s 3s][5h]

Ratboy002: bets £108 Gazovcas: raises to £296Ratboy002: calls £188

----- SHOW DOWN -----Gazovcas: shows [9c 6s 6d 3d] (A Straight, Nine high)Ratboy002: mucks hand [9h 7c 8s 8d]Gazovcas collected £699 from Main pot

----- SUMMARY -----Total pot £700 Main pot £699 Rake £1Board [Ad 8c 7s 3s 5h]Seat 3: Gazovcas (small blind) showed [9c 6s 6d 3d] and won (£699) with A Straight, Nine highSeat 4: Ratboy002 (big blind) mucked [9h 7c 8s 8d]


goose said...

mate, not trying to be offensive, but this hand ain't playd well at all. If u miss the river, he barrels again and you've dusted off like £100 or something on a fairly gash omaha hand. As it happens u spike the nuts fella, and won a decent pot :D...keep up the good work matey.

GB said...

Alrite dude, appreciate the comments and yeh if i miss i have dusted off like £45 quid but i was heads up with this donk and knew how he played, yeh i was only open ended but figured it was only going to cost me £30 to stack him and i did, hows your game going pal?

Platonic_ said...

You play so so so bad.

WTF were you doing with 66 there?

Your a lucky moron who thinks they are Phil Helmuth... well I got news for you sucka.... your not.

GB said...

Pmsl ive never claimed to be good at this game have i?

Well then

goose said...

Alrite gaz, sorry aint been on for a bit mate. Ye, my games alrite at the moment. Had a few tourney scores of late. Funnily enough my PLO game has been a lot better than my NLH of late, which is worrying cos u know how bad I play PLO!!!