Friday, 19 October 2007

Shit Day Turns Good

After an alrite morning at work, and everyone eager to find out their grading it was looking like a good day, bit of extra cash in the back pocket like, the average was around level 3, so it meant summat like another £1500 a year.

Come back after dinner, that im only at a 2.3 what a fucking joke. Its a complete load of balls an extra £300 a year for what a shit load of fking work thats what, i mean i wouldnt mind if it were a good job, the only reason im staying there for now is coz i get on really well with most of the lads there except for the odd arse licker.

So i come home in a rite foul mood, luckily i didnt hit the tables rite away or i would have donked it all off, sat on a table with $80 managed to build it up to the balance above

Basically just a few hands helped nicely, caught some guy trying to bluff a pot when i had top two and he missed he flush draw, doubled me up to $160, then had AA mini raise, a caller and re raise call, so i decide to slam get one caller A10 thats another 70 to the stack.

Next was 56 vs j9 flop comes 789 bet raise re raise all in, turn K river 3 send it another $100 my way $330!

Then had JQ suited vs K2 why the fk he was raising with k2 i will never know, board comes K 10 J he bets i flat call, turn A gives me str8 and flush draw, bet raise re raise all in, i expected to be splitting it but had the extra outs of the flush, but nope he bet his entire stack $100 on middle pair, send it! $425

Then it had to come, minimum raise i re raise he calls, Flop comes Q 2 K i have QQQ bet raise re raise all in, im thkning come hope u have AA or AK but no he has KKK fking gutted ah well back down to the balance above

Not a bad night really makes up for the other shit ones.

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