Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Running Good at Last

Things seem to be on the up as far as the pokay is concerned, after talking to my mentor after the sick beats from the other night he reassured me that i wasnt doing much wrong and nowt i could do KK vs 22 and JJ vs AK was unlucky also.

Played yesterday not much of note to be honest not many hands stick out in my mind, maybe this one but it was routine,

Showed a profit of $83 so not too bad.

Played abit more tonight and it was another good night, im suprised at level of players on 25c 50c tables im sorry but some are just awful! as this hand shows. My fav hand J10, minimum raise to $1 playing 25c 50c, Flop 10 Q 10 i check guy bets $5 i raise to $15 he calls, turn comes 6 i bet pot $35 he slams all in for $50 total, i call he shows JQ river comes J to fill me up couldnt believe it.

Then very next hand i misclick and call a minimum raise with 9 2, flop comes Q 9 2 he bets $5 i push expecting him to fold unless he has bigger 2 pair or set, he turns over Q3, 9 on turn and hes drawing to a Q river comes 6. another $30 profit.

This is my current position in the trader thing the early dip seems to be behind me now, with another $93 to be added to this total in the morning.


BurnleyMik said...

Nice one mate! Good on ya for sticking at it too! Now, rinse those fish.

Gaz Billingham said...

gonna try my best mate, just wish all days were like the past couple id living like a king!