Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Its On, Oh Its On Like Donkey Kong

Before i start this id like to publicly say, well done Mike D your prediction was correct!

Finally started the badbeat trader thing today.

First hour went past pretty uneventful then this...... had 99 couple of limpers one minimum raiser, flat call flop comes 9 2 J it goes somthing like this bet, raise, re raise all in, and he turns over JJ nice welcome to mansion needless to say the 9 never appeared to save me.

Managed to just about recover from that then holding AA i raise 3x the blinds to $1.50 i get exactly what i want a raise in mid position its massive aswell to oddly $9.99 so i think im only sat with $25 so all in over the top, he calls in an instant turns over AQ sooooooooooooo far infront its unreal, til the flop that is QQ2 and thats another $25 down the swanny.

So $50 down in my first 2 hours not what i had hoped for to be honest.

So decided to move to PLO after a short break, played a couple of hands flopped a fh won a $10 pot and thought things were on the up, how wrong i was about to proven.

Holding QsKsJh10h theres a raise infront and a short stack goes all in for another $3 the pot stands at $4 without his money, so i flat call as does another player, Flop comes 10sAs8s. i check the nuts as one player is all in and only one other in pot, he bets the pot i raise he slams all in, i was atleast thinking AAA or 101010 decide to call neither have AAA or 101010 they both have A8 o/s so im liking these odds, turn brings nothing and the river brings the 8 LOL what a joke soooooooo fked up!

So down to last $25 what a fking joke, very next hand and its all gone, flopped str8 and set of 7`s and some clown hits runner runner flush after i bet the pot twice. so in the space of around 3 hours thats $100 gone what a fking rip!

As my mate says it seems that Mansion is benter than George Micheal, Michael Barrymore and Graham Norton in the same room, seen sooooooo many sick beats today,

Doesnt look like this Badbeat thing will last too much longer!


Spunksock said...

All you can do is get all your money in infront mate. The rest is up the the ol' pokery Gods.
Sure things will pick up for you soon.

Gaz Billingham said...

Yup hopefully i have a better day 2morra

BurnleyMik said...

Wow! Thats horrible mate!

Good luck tomorrow let the deck start smacking you hard!