Saturday, 27 October 2007

Lucky Gaz

Same form carried on from the previous couple of days last night,

Played the tournament £20 round at Yang Towers, got down to the last 4 due to a nice double up raised with AA one caller with 10 10, and another with KK pushes all in, i re raise over the top all in, and get 10 10 to fold, Luckily! as the flop comes 10 Q 6 Phew!! or we would have been both out, turn J leaving me to sweat on the river but i think it was a 2 or somthing.

Down to the last 4 was mainly push or fold after a quick pee, i come back to find all three players all in AQ vs AQ vs K8 both AQ split the pot, meaning im in the money, money back at least, again maily push or fold in the end i decided i was short stacked and fancied a gamble, and once again the luck was on my side, hitting a straight flush on the turn leaving Rob short stacked, Think soon it was heads up i had the chip lead but we played a couple of hands and decided to split the money £75 each to get on with the cash game.

Again into a cash game, and again i hit everything in sight! i think at one point i hit a set with every pocket pair i had, with this backfiring once, with a board of Q 2 4 checked flop to turn a set of 6`s on on turn, then 4 on river brings full house unfortunately Rob was holding QQ hitting the bigger FH, ah well cant win em all,

Cant remember many hands to be fair, although i paid KK of when i got to the turn with soooooooooooooooo many outs only to miss em all on river with Ac 10h, 8c Jc Qc 2h and river brings another blank somthing like a 5

Anyways all in all it was a good night walked away from Tourny £55 up and £55 up from cash game £110 profit to go with the £100 from the night before cant complain!

Although played abit online today and played the worst poker i have ever played in my life and subiquently donking off my $100 probably somthing to do wtih not getting in until 5am and being woken at 10am by the bloody post man!

Ah well try again tommorow

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