Thursday, 25 October 2007

Rileys Poker

You gotta love the place, im sure its just a breading ground for all the cod, sea bass and trout out there. I never have claimed to be good at this game we all play but my god these people couldnt spell poker!, let alone play it!

Played the usual tourny there £10 freezeout, not much action really knocked out in 12th when i got board and pushed all in with J 6 only for one lad to think for ages and even say i think youve got me beat as he turned over QQ, i even asked what the hell he was thinking about?

Anyways his QQ stands and its off to the cash game,

Sat down and folded a few hands then the deck literally hit me in the face, Big time!. The buyin was anyting between £10 and £30, bought in for £20 thanks Mike D.

Game was 50p £1 nice warm up for 2morra night!, Anyways holding AQ raise to £4 get three callers i was like wtf? flop comes Q Q 2, GET IN! i thought, checked it, bloke 1bets £2 other bloke calls i figure im well infront so just minium raise it, original bloke folds! lol £2 too rich for him obviously, other bloke calls, turn A i check again, he bets the pot about £20 i raise for what is about £2 more he turns over 10 10, send it!

Next hand holding 7 8 suited sees five people to flop, 7 6 2 i check raise him again this time bet is £10 raise to £20 he calls, turn comes 3 i slam there and then, he thinks for ages and calls the rest of what he has about £15 with........ A8 river comes K send it again!

the only hand of note i lost tonight was when i raise to £5 with AK sum tit with JQ calls, flop brings A 10 J, i bet out £10 he calls, turn K i check he checks right behind me, river 2 again i check hoping my 2 pair is good, he checks and shows JQ i was like wtf? first u call with JQ o/s then u check the nuts on the turn and river.

So all in all not a bad night £100 profit cant be sniffed at, just hoping for the same run tommorow night in the SL Open round at Yang Towers

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