Sunday, 6 January 2008

Shakey Start Nice End Though!

Started off badly played awful with my first $25 and quickly lost that, mainly due to retarded play by me!

So moved tables and started a fresh sat with $50 didnt really move from that until this complete cold decker basically . $104 pot

decided to reload and plug away and doubled back up almost instantly, all the while i had entered the $5.50 tourney 105 runners im kinda gutted about the result to be honest i should have won it, down to the last three i have 130k in chips other two have 20k but a couple of hands later i knock 3rd out QQ vs 82 an attempted bluff he told me. then heads up he was push or fold first hand i get A10 and call instantly only for him to show AQ next is 55 vs his 44 all in pre flop K Q 4 so now we are back to even, then i push with A6 he calls with A10 and its all over, still i suppose 2nd is better than nothing eh?

Current Roll = $416

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