Wednesday, 16 January 2008

And it all comes crashing down!

Fuck me i thought lightning couldnt strike in the same place twice? i got the fucker 4 times on in the same session!

First hand stupid play by me AJ vs A8 suited he flops flush id seen him bluff a few ppl off figured he was at it again nope!

Next 77 runs into AA another one bites the dust!

AQ suited all in pre called by A9 o/s final board reads A Q 9 2 9 $50 more gone

then this Fucking Cunt of a hand,

Player 1 raises my BB to $3 i call with J Q player 2 calls,

Flop A K 10 = Flopped nuts! i check Player one bets $4 Player 2 Calls $4 i re raise to $12 they both call

Turn = 2 = Still got nuts! i bet $25 they both call again

River = K = Oh for fuck sake! i bet $30 Player 1 raises to $60 player 2 calls i call

Player 1 shows AK Full house
Player 2 shows AQ Fuck All
I show Straight

$280 pot up the fking shitter

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