Thursday, 3 January 2008

New Year New Start

A belated happy new year all, not really played much poker over christmas think i got a couple of hours in here and there but nothing major,

So decided its the start of a new year and that i would take the poker more seriously than before as sometimes ive been known to donk off chips at an alarming rate and other times i play like Helmuth with X ray vision.

Was talking to a few lads in the office and we are gonna take up a month challange to start off with, everyone starts with $50 and you play for one month with correct BRM and see how much you make at the end of it, if it seems a good idea i might make it my challange for 2008 turn $50 into $5000 would be a reasonable effort i reckon.

Started yesterday and played some 5c 10c and turned a nice profit of around $15 - $20 not bad for a first day, As it stands at the mo after i got £15 from rakeback for last month so i have around $90 not a bad effort.

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