Sunday, 13 January 2008

Another Day Another Cash

Tell ya what i dont know what ive done to be running this well but its ace im getting it in with the best of it and my hands are holding.

After deciding to cash my roll of $400 in the other day i thought id start a fresh and see what i could do with another £10 and see what i could run it upto, well after day 1 the figure stood around $100 and today after an afternoon session on the cyber felt it was at $350

here are a couple of notable hands from the afternoon.

Hand 1 JJ vs 77 vs A8 Was certain was infront but you never can be too sure

Hand 2 Dont think i played this particulary well but still managed to extract the cash!

Hand 3 Nice start to a new table!

So that was the afternoon session, After which i decided to cash out £150 and leave the rest on there about £20 or so.

The evening session was more than a little eventful, i got very very lucky! on this one, i would have apolagised to the guy but my chat isnt working right now, "Old Man River"

But Just to show its not all being going my way heres one i wish id played differently "Awful Push" looking back i should have gotten away from this on the turn but unfortuantely i didnt and left myself with $5 although i stuck it out got 2 double ups from non belivers and im currently on $75 again


Godders said...

Alright mate, Godders here from Parrswood poker, we will of course link up, good blog mate, look forward to reading more!

ukpokermistro said...

u vant ve play head up for rolls?