Monday, 7 January 2008

Good Day Off

Not a bad monday to be fair, had a nice lazy day went for my hair cut and played sum pokes,

Not many major hands in my first session to be honest i had this nice one against a guy i had been whinding up for a while, he said the only reason he did it was because it was me, NICE!!

As i said had a lazy day tidied up this hole seen as weve just had a major clear out so threw loads away. Came back on the pokes tonite and a nice fish sat down so i thought id join him at abit of $1 $2 sat with the minimum and only played solid hands first was this one nice ladies, then out of nowhere AP McCoy sits down to my left, not sure if its the real jockey Tony Mccoy but ive been told by numerous people it is, anyways this unfolded, GB vs Jockey.

Called it a night after that, back to work in the morning.

Current Roll - $545.91

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RPT1 said...

Gaz of cas is a fish