Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Whats that coming over the hill.....? Is it a Monster?

Seems the good old lady luck hasnt deserted me as soon as i thought, shes still around and good looking as ever!

After i was almost killed off by the sick outdraws i recieved earlier i tried my last £20 on my account and 25c 50c table full ring table which i dont normally play, i noticed this table was full of poor players even by my standards they were poor!

I took a few little pots down nowt too major then there was this one that looking back i may have been a little fortunate, but let me know what you think. Flush vs Set vs Tit all Fishing.

Then the very same fish who had called with nothing a couple of hands before did so again, and this happend Flushy, looking back at the hand how could he think he was winning?

So after cashing out i was left with $50, and after the last bit of play tonight the new revised roll is $168.59 after cashing out $500 before.

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