Tuesday, 8 January 2008


Oh it started so well one of the first hands i flop a straight flush, and get paid off by 3 players nice $30 pot, took my roll to $600 or there abouts, And thats where all the good news ends,

3 times i was shafted, everytime im on the BB flop a straight and end up all in on the flop holding the stone cold nuts 3 times in a row, only for them to either a fh on the turn on the river or like the last one when i limped with 2 4 and the flop comes 3 5 6 player A bets the pot player B calls i move over the top for 4x initial bet, they both call, turn comes 6 they both check i figure neither has a full house, so push only to be called by both of them A shows K6 B shows A6 river comes 3 for them both to beat me, what a fking joke!

But luckily i had decided i would cash out £250 and just leave myself with $50 dollars ish what i started with basically, so not bad for a weeks work £250 notes just seems everything i do now im getting shafted left right and centre, guess ive used up all my good luck already this week, ah well thats the variance of poker for ya

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