Saturday, 15 March 2008

Change of Tactic Me thinks.....

Ok well plan A didnt seem to go too well so i figured it was time for a change,

So after much thought i decided to move away from Betfair, and moved to another site i used to play at. It came out of the blue to be honest, i got an email from the poker director there and he asked if i fancied giving their new site another chance, so cheekily i agreed if he agreed to put some cash into my account to try it out which he duely did.

Got $50 now and another $50 when i reach a certain amount of raked hands, so been playing a few hands the past couple of days, and ive managed to run the $50 upto almost $500 so i think i may stick around for a while, the bonus aint too shabby either and they offer rakeback which is antoher bonus.

So will just see how this pans out and see what i can make in the next few days, anythings a bonus i guess given the money i got was for nothing!

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