Sunday, 16 March 2008

Eventful Weekend.

Nice to see the run of good cards and big hands holding up, was building the roll nicely upto around $450 before last nights / this mornings play.

Was up a couple of buyins so decided to leave it for a while and go watch MOTD, came back and figured there was a high chance there would be a few pi$$ed up fish on at this time so logged back on and played a little 50c $1, not many hands to remember apart from one just before i logged off, i think maybe i should have raised more pre to be honest, but in saying that i may have lost a customer. Then again this fish was pushing with nothing and getting called every other hand he must have done in $200+ in the time i was there

I had 77 raise to $4 from mid position, get two callers in SB and BB flop comes 8d 10h 2h i make a continuation bet the size of the pot around $15 SB folds BB calls, Turn 7s i bet pot he insta pushes, i figure he cant have called with J 9 to a pre flop raise surely? after much deliberation i put him on Ah ?h so call and he shows 3h 4h ( right suit wrong cards) luckily the river is As and i get a nice $350 pot.

After that called it a night as it was getting pretty late, fired up a couple of tables of 25c 50c today again up a couple of buyins early on and then another pivotal hand, again vs the table maniac.

KQs raise to $4 he calls rest of the table folds, now this guy was making some serious plays and was calling people down with nothing to the river. flop comes 9 10 3 he bets $2 i figure he has hit nothing and try and take the pot down with a x3 raise, he calls instantly which worries me. turn J giving me the nuts he insta bets the pot i raise he pushes and i call he shows Q 8 for the lower straight and again i ship in another $250 pot.

Current Roll

From $25 freebie - $775.37 in 3 days play.

Edit: shame not everything can run so good as me at the mo, Cas got hammered on Saturday night awful awful display boys!

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