Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Onward and Upward

Started the night with a tough decision to cash out or not to cash out that is the question!, but alas i bottled it and cashed out $500 of my current roll, leaving me with $250 a little short for 25c 50c games i know but i feel the way im hitting cards at the mo, its enough. Also had a quick check to see my stats on my site and from the day my account started the figures are as follows,

Deposited - $2,585.55
Withdrawn- $5,234.89
Profit / Loss = $2649.34

Amount Wagered - $104,542.45

To last nights action, not as many maniacs about last night as there was over the weekend, well pleased with the 10,000 people seated thought makes a change from the 3000 you get on $hitfair.

Not many hands to talk of to be honest, I remember setting a guy all in with a set only for him to hit runner runner flush he was holding KK on a board 4 5 9 i had 9 9 all the money was in on the flop. very next hand im left with $20 get AK and re raise a small raise donk to the left of me calls as does another. Flop comes A K 4 i push they both call, turn is a spade and river another spade, they check it down and he flips over Q8 spades for the runner runner flush again!, and his excuse? "sorry i was playing 6 tables and clicked to call on another and called you all in by mistake".

But never the less i carried on and soon took the majority of his $120 stack when i flopped a set of QQQ against his A8 on a board that read A Q 10 8 10,

Then shortly after this i take the remaining $70 with 2 2 as he slow plays AA pre flop to let me see a board of 2 5 9 all the money is on the flop and my set of 2`s holds up!

A quick note to say well done to AL J the big fish for scooping $1600 in the tourny last nite,

Current roll from $25 freebie = $350 ($500 cashed out)

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