Wednesday, 14 November 2007

And the Slump Goes On

i was sure today would be the day id turn it round,

Yet again i get upto $150 and bossing the table and again it all goes Pete Tong,

In the space of about 20 hands i went from table big stack to busto

started off so well as you can see here

Then these,

In fairness looking back though i played the previous hand awful but i didnt put him on Q i was certain he had AK, AJ and was sure if he had JJ he would fold to a raise i was wrong!

then to finish me off this one, again looking over it again the pre flop raise should have given away he was strong, but again i just had a feeling i was infront i was sure for some reason he had KK
but here goes....

So my plan of shit or bust has come back to bite me in the arse,

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Dr. Jarret Morrow said...

Yeah I played like a donkey myself today. Was playing a SNG. Bluffed a nice pot the first hand to a total of 2200 chips. Second hand I call a 100 chip raise with KJ suited. Flop is KJ4. I had a bad feeling that someone might have hit a set, so I tentatively bet 100 chips to see how the others reacted instead of betting to protect my hand. Two players call... Turn is a ten. Now, I am really worried that someone has AQ--only it doesn't really make sense because the preflop raise wasn't that big. I check at the turn as do the other players. River comes... Ace of course. Now I am quite certain that someone has a Q, but the bet at river is only about 300 chips and I reluctantly call. Played the hand so well that the pot is now chopped between a player with Q10 and a guy with q6 on a fishing expeidition.

Next hand, I raise 4x bb with pocket 8s, but there are two spades on flop. Concerned about the potential flush draw, I bet 500 and one other player calls--the turn comes another spade. Concerned that he may have hit the flush, I check. He checks too. The river comes... another spade! He bets 500 and I call... My set of 8's now lose to pocket 7s with a four card flush.

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