Sunday, 25 November 2007

All Over Rover

I know ive said it before but i think its time i took a break from poker, its doing my tits in to be honest, Ive gone from being pretty athletic to just getting in from work stuffing my tea down and sat infront of either the laptop or computer for hours.

Now dont get me wrong ive had good times doing it, won a few tourneys made a few $$$s paid for some nice stuff and that but i was sat here today id ran $40 upto $200 in 2 days and i just thought whats the point?

To be honest lately i aint felt much like doing it online, but i have and played some awful poker but then other times i just get robbed, Dont wanna go on about it but ive had KK vs AK vs JJ J hits on flop. Had sum tool push on a flop of K33 i had JJ he turns over A9 and rivers his A, then to finish me off have 9 10 flop comes 6 7 8 he pushes all in i call he shows AK suited and it comes runner runner flush. pure piss take.

So me and online poker are through, for the time being until i find the time to be honest the i can be arsed`ness to play.

Laters all, thanks for reading all these weeks not too sure where to go from here tbh.


Smoothplease said...

Dont let the beats fuck you off too much m8,hope you have a break,come back refreshed and tear up the tables!! gl with whatever you decide.

Amatay said...

ahhh mate, sry to hear this. I having a mare atm aswell. Take some time away and chill out, thats what i am gonna do. gl spk soon